Friday 28 August 2009

Holiday Bible Club

Niall put together a slideshow of the Holiday Bible Club we had in August.


Well, Adeline died yesterday.

Thank you for your prayers.

You wouldn't believe me, if I told you, how God had me prepared for it since yesterday morning:0)

My sister Caroline has been very involved in Adeline's life ever since Adeline met my dad over twenty years ago. She, along with Adeline, nursed dad until he died. Then Caroline nursed Adeline, sleeping in her house when she was unable to care for herself and eventually sleeping on a camp bed beside her in hospital for the last two weeks.

Well, while we were at the wake house last night Caroline had to be taken to the hospital with chest pains. I went to visit her before I went home and she is in A&E being monitored and awaiting results for blood tests. She is comfortable and in good spirits.

Here is a the scripture God gave me yesterday after talking to Him about Adeline and other family members...

Romans 15:13

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God continue to bless you all.

Wednesday 26 August 2009


Some of you may remember that my dad died a year and a half ago. Well, his wife, my step mum is dying too. She is not expected to to live more than a few days. I don't think she is conscious as she is on a lot of morphine. From what I know she is still not saved but, with men things are impossible but with God all things are possible. Happily I have lived through this scripture when dad was dying and am happy to pray and leave Adeline in the Lord's hands too.

Before you sign off, will you offer up a fervent and heartfelt prayer for the Lord to join her to His church?

Many thanks.

Monday 24 August 2009

Cappuccino Confessions: Left Wing Rules for a Healthy and Productive Debate

This is a fun and interesting post. Well worth the read.

Cappuccino Confessions: Left Wing Rules for a Healthy and Productive Debate

Some catch -up photos.

It was great for Sean to have visitors during his stay in hospital, and great (for him!) that they took gifts along Thanks guys.
His granny came to visit and took along a friend of Sean's first father. He gave him £20 so Niall put something to it and bought Sean this 'Spy' set. He had great fun with it during the following couple of days.
What can I say; the hospital food was just awful?
Here are a few photos of some plants and fruits growing in my garden.

Saturday 22 August 2009

Just thinking.

Sean is home and we are taking it easy because he is still weak after his stay in hospital.

I am thinking about what David said; 'Remember not the sins of my youth'.

I am praying for Sean's salvation and thinking about my own life when I was his age and older. All the stuff I got up to. All the sin. All the guilt.

I am hoping that God will save him, and save him soon.

I know it's not all about Sean and it's not all about me and Niall. It's all about God.
The offences we cause against Him. A whole lifetime's worth of them. It's about Him choosing to forgive them, to punish His own sinless Son for them, and then for Him to spend eternity with us.

Loving us and being loved by us.


Friday 21 August 2009


We took Sean into hospital on Tuesday night. He has a small chest infection that aggravated his asthma big time so they kept him in. They had him on a drip because he was vomiting and are now giving him two antibiotics. So these past few days have been filled up with driving to and fro from Drogheda and sitting with Sean. However, he is eleven now and so staying on his own at night. This is good for me as it is giving me proper time to rest, shower and rejuvenate myself for the next day.
I have to say that the staff are wonderful. Very friendly and efficient. I am giving some of them gifts of a Bible and Christian books. I am not sure yet if Sean will be coming home today. It's up to the consultant.

On a funny note, the parents who had stayed with their children on Wednesday night had great sport with Sean on Thursday morning, teasing him over singing the Barney song, 'I love you, you love me' in his sleep!!!!!
A huge thank you to everyone who texted, emailed, phoned, facebooked and visited:0)

Talk later.

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Romans 9:30-33

I am reading through Romans at the moment and this is where I am this morning.

'What shall we say then? Than Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness of faith.

But Israel, pursuing the law of righteousness, has not attained to the law of righteousness.

Why? Because they did not seek it by faith, but as it were, by the works of the law. For they stumbled at the stumbling stone.
As it is written:

'Behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone and rock of offence,
And whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame. (Issiah)

My thoughts on these verses are these:

I am thinking of the society I live in, about 92% Catholic? My thoughts went back to my own conversion. I was raised a Catholic but became an Atheist in my late teens/early twenties. When I first heard the Gospel, boy was I ready for it. God had prepared me for months beforehand. I didn't care what God was like, if He was real I wanted Him. I had tried the best I could to live my life well and it wasn't enough. I was sinking downwards fast, making all sorts of wrong choices and unable to live a good 'moral' life.
When I heard what those two Evangelists had to say that night about our sins and God's love I believed that it was true, agreed with Him that I was a sinner, that I deserved whatever I got (confession) and accepted God.

I didn't 'do' anything.
I heard,
I agreed,
and I accepted.

I wasn't 'pursuing righteousness', and yet, thanks to God's free gift, through faith I am now righteous.

In the verse above I am the 'Gentile', but I can't help but think that my Catholic countrymen are Israel.

They (sometimes) go to mass, go to confession and for the best part, that is it! They, like Israel, think that if they follow God's Law (commandments) that they will eventually get to go to Heaven (after millions of years being tormented in Purgatory).

Well, that's part of what the Catholic belief is, but of course the vast amount of professing catholics don't really believe that. They continue to live the life they choose, whether this is living with their partners, getting drunk, stealing off the state, lying, having illegitimate children... (all of which I was guilty, and more) or living what they would think as a 'clean' life, married, working etc but still breakin;g almost every one of the ten commandments, and think that when they die they will face God, a big man with a white beard (not unlike Santa) who will dispense all sorts of kindly forgiveness's to them.

Anyway, my point is, if you read what Issiah wrote about God laying a stumbling stone and rock of offense (Jesus) in Zion and that whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame, you might see what I saw this morning.

Israel/Catholics are stumbled and offended by Jesus and what He represents. Jesus says that Salvation is free, you don't have to try to earn it, (it cost Him terrible pain and agony, eventually His death) but to us it is free.
Israel/Catholic says that no, it is not a free gift, they must work for it. They see the true message of Jesus as something shameful. If they believe the truth then they must see themselves as soaked in sin and accept or reject this shame.

However, to the person who has seen and agreed with God that they are steeped in sin and who believed and accepted Jesus free gift of forgiveness/salvation, they will 'not be put to shame'.

When the world looks at me they may be embarrassed for me, ashamed of me, I may be the butt of their jokes, I may even appear to be shameful.

Ah, but when my Lord/Friend/Saviour sees me He, He sees His little sister who has been cleaned from all her gross sins, who had taken on His righteousness/cleanness, and He loves me. Not because I cleaned/changed myself, but because He cleaned/changed me, at a tremendous cost. It's no wonder we love Him so much:0)


Saturday 15 August 2009


My eleven year old friend in the US has been tagged and therefore posted a cute photo on her blog here if you would like to visit and leave a comment? I told her I would post a photo myself so here you are Grace, Sean and I on our way home from a holiday in Spain sometime in '05 I think...

Link to our preaching.

I am putting a link on my side bar to the Web Site of Dundalk Baptist Church where you can hear the preaching of my pastor Stephen Murphy, my husband Niall, my brother in the Lord, Kevin and other visiting preachers. Pop over and have a listen if you like?

The weekend:0)

What a great week! We finished up the Holiday Bible Club yesterday, had the youth night on Thursday night, party for the team last night and have the open day BBQ to look forwards to this evening. All but one box with 24 bibles in it (out of about 1,200 bibles) are now in the homes in Blackrock. Yes, it has been a busy week, but fantastic too.

I, along with everybody else I think, am having a rest this morning and catching up with my blog and blogger friends.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Photos of Bible Club etc.

Delivering Bibles in 'The Rock'.
After lunch chat:0)

Kids at the Club.


The Holiday Bible Club is going really well with between 21 - 25 children attending every day. Our visiting team from Banbridge are doing a FANTASTIC job with the children.

I start the day early by opening the Community Centre and getting it ready for the team and children. I took along the coffee pot and most of us have a coffee before we start. A little thing I picked up from Jeff & Jean:0) We have a chat and then pray and after preparing a couple of things we are ready. The children are enjoying it and the couple we expected to be a bit rowdy are pretty much behaving themselves which is a big bonus.

We have a story time, Bible verse, song, sport and then we end with a craft.

Four women from the Church have been cooking and serving and cleaning up after lunch every day and I think that in itself can feel like a day's work, so well done to them.

When the Bible Club is finished for the day we all go to the Church Centre for lunch, relax, have a chat and then we head off in three teams. One to deliver Bibles in the village (I am in this one), another to hand out leaflets for the youth night tonight and the third to give out Christian magazines. This leaves us pretty tired but happy. So far we have handed out hundreds of magazines and hundreds of Bibles.

Tonight we have the Teenage outreach at our Centre. I am home having tea etc, Niall has taken the dog to get his worm tablets, Sean's Russian teacher will be here at six, and then out we go again...

... I love it!


Monday 10 August 2009

Holiday Bible Club/ My 8th Birthday!

The Lord saved me 8 years ago today!

This wonderful anniversary coincided with the first day of out Holiday Bible Club here in our estate. A team of eight p
Publish Post
eople from the Church in Banbridge had joined us for the work this year. The club was on this morning and twenty one children attended which is pretty good:0) They did great work today and after the club we went to the Church Centre for a nice lunch that Katie, Mary and Marguerite prepared for us all. Then some of us went to the Marshes Shopping Centre to hand out invites to a youth night we are planning at the Centre on Thursday night, some of us went into town to distribute christian magazines, and some of us went to Blackrock to distribute Bibles into the homes there. We plan to continue this work every day until Friday. This evening some of the team are joining our guys live on the christian radio show at seven.

I am particularly delighted today. I feel very blessed by God for lots of reasons. Than my birthday fell on the first day of the Club, that the outreach is still going on in my estate and anybody who knows me well will know that it has been a desire of mine to have my testimony and a Bible put into the homes of my home village, Blackrock for almost eight years now. Seven years ago an American team working with us distributed over two thousand (I think) booklets of my testimony into the homes in the village and this year the second half of this plan is coming to fruition; the Bibles.

This Autumn/Winter Grace to You have included some of my testimony in their newsletter which will be distributed all over Europe so between one thing and another there is a lot of good stuff happening and I am VERY happy:0)

If you have a moment, please pray for my little family here , for as as we all know, when the Lord works, other things generally follow, and not necessarily good things. We have been under a lot of pressure what with Niall being in hospital and lots of other things that have been going on in our lives. So far, we have been more than able to face each and every trial, with Gods help and hope that if they continue, that we will continue to be more than conquerors through Him that straightens us.

Please pray for Sean's salvation? I cant help but think of him during this Bible Club and hope that the Hold Spirit will talk to him...Starting the Bible Club the right way, with prayer.
In the Centre with others getting over a thousand Bibles prepared for Blackrock.

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Wisdome for our day.

At a time when all the issues of providence with respect to the public affairs of these nations are confused, the footsteps of God being in the deep, and His paths not known; when unparalleled distresses and strange prosperities are measured out to men, even to professors; when a spirit of error, folly, and delusion goes forth with such strength and power that it seems to have received a commission to go and prosper (see Kings 22:12-15); and when there is so much division, strife, and rivalry, together with such evil imaginations,wrath, and revenge among brethren; when the desperate outcomes of men's temptations are seen daily in partial and total apostasy, the decay of love, the overthrow of faith, our days being filled with such fearful examples of backsliding as former ages never knew; when there is a visible decline from reformation seen among the profession Christians of these nations, both in personal holiness and in zeal for Christ, anyone who does not perceive that there is an 'hour of temptation' come upon the world, to try those who dwell upon the earth (see Rev 3:10), must either be himself taken captive by the power of some woeful lust, corruption, or temptation, or is indeed utterly blind, not knowing at all what it is to serve God in temptations.

These words were first published in 1658 and written by John Owen.

Words that easily apply to today.

Monday 3 August 2009

Chris Cleave does it agian!

Chris writes on Summer Holidays, check it out, it's a good one:0)

Sunday every day.

Niall and I were talking the other night about what it would be like here in Dundalk if people didn't get drunk. What changes there would be...

Just think about it, think about all the things that would be different in this town.

Think of the difference it would make in A&E. I hate to think how much energy, time and cost is used up in our hospital every week that is related to drunkenness. You would only have to go for a quick visit on any Friday/Saturday/Sunday night to see the mayhem there. (and on these mornings too) Think of the staff that could be placed in other much needed areas in our hospitals and think of the money saved that could go to other needs.

Then think of the Garda. How much of their time is used up every week on having to deal with drunkenness. Think of the crimes committed by drunkards. Think of the anti social behaviour.

Think of the accidents, car crashes, joy riding and think of how many lives would be spared if there was no drunkenness. Think of the many families that wouldn't have to go through years of mourning.

Think of all the wife/husband/children beatings that would end, straight away.

Think of the happy lives families could have, more money for paying the bills, more time spent with families on holidays etc.

Think of the lives saved from the misery of suicide.

Think of all the broken marriages that would be rescued.

How less our car insurances would cost. How much less tax we would have to pay.

Think about how few pubs and discos there would be.

Think about how this town would change.

And recession? Just think of the money that would normally be spent on drink, being spent in the town and how this would improve things.

The list really does go on and on.

Would we want a change like this?

How could a change like this take place?

If it was left up to us it would be hopeless. We don't even want the change let alone be able to.

There is only one way.

When people turn away from their sins, (and drunkenness is a sin) to God, in true and real repentance, when they are ready to hand over their lives to God to do what He wills with them and when they accept Jesus, God's son as their Saviour and God, then the Holy Spirit enters into them and He starts to change them.
No, you don't have to try to be good. You don't have to give up drinking. God takes this desire of drunkenness away from you and you willingly stop.

This same truth applies to theft, adultery, hatred/murder, covetousness and all the other sins that make our lives and the lives of our loved ones/country men a living misery.

It's called salvation, being saved, being converted... being changed into the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's called 'a taste of Heaven on Earth!'

Eventually it will be a perpetual Sabbath.

By the way, Niall just came home and told me that there is a billboard about drunkenness in the town so I put it on above. Here is a Link to the site that has this poster on it along with a short video campaigning people to know when they have had enough to drink.