Monday 13 July 2009


These past couple of days Niall and I have been working on re-doing the class room/office. There is quite a lot of work being done and a bit more to do but I think that it is turning out better than |I first expected. Niall has really put his back into it and for this I am grateful.
Sean and I sat in doors in front of a nice fire with Koke knitting/listening to the radio and watching the rain pelting down hard. It's nice to be in doors on an evening like this and I am very grateful for our nest that God has provided for this family.
I am enjoying the Summer so far. I am getting the things I have planned done and don't really care what the weather is like. In between the rain and dull weather I can still get on with things. Last week Niall and I did some gardening in the estate and can see that it is coming along nicely. Will post some new photos soon. I also got the promise of another one hundred euros to spend on the estate so I plan to buy a basket ball hoop amongst other things. The plan is to put it up on the gable end of the community centre for the kids to play with and if there is any problems we will just take it down again. I have already talked with some of the neighbours that live close by to the centre and I got the ok from them, so what I plan to do next is talk to the parents of the boys who normally play football in the area and see if I can persuade the parents to tell their boys to leave the hoop alone and not be swinging out of it.

I got the chance to witness to two girls last week. Later that evening they came to my home with another girl asking to know more about God, so Niall and I went outside in our garden and Niall gave them a clear simple presentation of the Gospel. I encouraged them to come to the Holiday Bible Club next week.

Sean had a couple of his friends for sleep overs and on Friday went to a friends home for one, so he is a happy and contented boy. He worked with me and Niall giving out newspapers last month and earned himself thirty five euros which he spent on roller blades (good practice for his ice skating in the winter) and so he is having a BALL taking Koke out for walks or should I say, Koke taking him out for a spin!

Hope you are all enjoying your Summer wherever you are. I have been visiting your blogs and enjoying seeing and reading about what you are all doing. May the Lord continue to bless you and your families:0)

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