Friday 10 July 2009

Free Scuba Diving!

There has been free scuba diving in a huge pool outside the Marshes Shopping Centre these last couple of days and some very blessed boys have been having fun. It's been so cold that Sean wore 3 wetsuits today!!!


Annie Blake said...

I love my big man sooo much, delighted the boys got to experience this! Thank you for bringing him along. Dylan's getting a surprise snorkel set for Christmas of his Mammy!!

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Annie Blake said...

I will be back blogging soon as a multimedia student. Haven't decided on my blog address yet but I will let you know asap!

It was great chatting with you on Friday :)

Dylan's Dundalk said...

From Annie...

More useful gadgets:

I especially like the 'show your recent comments' gadget.

These are really easy to install Ruth, no code to worry about, you just click your way through :)