Friday 3 July 2009


Ahhh, I am enjoying this Summer so far. I am just after cooking a huge pot of veg; potatoes, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips etc and am in the process of frying up handfuls of them, covered with flower and when I say they will be delicious, THEY WILL BE DELICIOUS! I am sitting at the kitchen table working on my lap top and drinking some of the juice from the veg. It tastes good and I think it must be very good for me. If only there was some way I could camouflage it and get it into Seán? It would put hairs on his chest!

My front door is open and the air is warm. It's a very rare thing for me to leave the door open, normally it's just too cool for that, for me anyway:-) Seán is off sailing for the day and Niall is working in a neighbours home with his nephew tracking a wall and putting TV cables in it.

The sun is back. We had thunder storms lately. I woke up the other morning at six o clock with the fright of my life. There was the biggest clap of thunder I ever heard but I think I may have slept through it only for Niall, he heard it, jumped out of bed (frightening the LIFE out of me) and looking out the window thinking there was an explosion! There have been comments on radio, TV and newspapers about how loud it was. Seemingly Dublin had floods and just this morning I heard that there was three weeks rain in nineteen minutes!

But the sun is back and I don't give a hoot:0)

I went into town yesterday and spent the best part of the day walking to and fro to the various book shops to choose and buy Sean's books for the next two years. I have always had help in choosing them but this year I have the confidence to do it myself. I know exactly what Seán knows and what he doesn't know and so I have had a great day choosing the books. I bought three second hand and saved fifteen euros! So over the next few days I plan to pop into town and try to buy some more. Last time I was in Belfast I went to the apple store and bought two computer CD-ROMs.
They are for math;
Shape, Space, Measurements, Geometry, Data, Statistics, Graphs, Probability, Patterns and Algebra, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplications, Divisions, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Numeration, Counting, Squares, Square Roots, Powers and Directed Numbers.

I plan to check them out on my own soon so will let you know how I got on.

Sean had been using a math PC CD-ROM called I love Math but he has outgrown it. These new ones should last the course until he is fifteen.

I also bought a game that should make learning how to use words a fun exercise. It's a kind of board game and I am looking forwards to using it with Sean, and some of his friends.

I ordered 'Irish History for Dummies' which I should get in a fortnight. I plan to read this, highlight it and teach Sean about Irish history during the next school year, maybe two. We'll see how we get on.

Our Summer Bible Club is planned for 10th to 14th of August. Ever since my conversion I believe God put Niall and me living there so we could serve Him and that He has been working in the background in and around the Muirhevnamore area, and so didn't necessarily expect to see His work in any obvious way.
However, I feel like He may do something this year... The younger children who came to the Bible Clubs on a weekly basis and who came to the Summer Camps are too big now and have started to hand around the estate in the evenings getting up to no good. We can keep this estate as clean as we like and plant as many nice trees and bushes as we like but nothing will change unless God converts these children and boy, would there be a change!

On Sunday morning Niall and I were lying in bed thinking over the possibility of moving. During Sunday School, singing and the main service, God really spoke to me and reminded me of the concept of Him being able to show his might through out weaknesses. God really strengthened my resolve and reminded me that He wants me here and that He will look after our family. That evening we went to meet with the Banbridge Church and talk over plans for them to join us in our work with our Church distributing the Bibles, magazines and working in the Summer Bible Club here in our estate. The meeting went very well and the whole day turned out to be a huge shot in the arm for me spiritually.

Thank you God.

Sooo, if you think of it, would you say a pray to the Lord concerning my family? We are involved in very good, long term work, and were also in the firing line;0)


Heather L. said...

Rachel has spent the last 2 days reading the last 3 books of the Viking series. She's really enjoyed them. :)

Hope the cake works -- I don't have the exact recipe, but it's 12 oz. of melted semi-sweet chocolate (or chocolate chips) and then enough rice krispies to make something workable enough to press into a spring form cake tin. Chill that until it is hard. Soften icecream by leaving it out for a bit. Fill the krispie crust with the softened ice cream and freeze until ready to serve. Top with fruit and chocolate sauce. Hope it works!!!!

FancyHorse said...

I will be praying for you and your family. (((hugs)))

Ruth MacC said...

Thank you. I got to witness to three children yesterday and last night they came to my home wanting to know More about God. We all sat outside on the garden bench with blankets over us and Niall gave a very clear presintation of the Gospel;0)

thank God.

Cassandra said...

I sent up a prayer for you and your family! *hugs*