Saturday 6 June 2009

30 things I like about home schooling...

A long time ago Sean did a post/list about what he liked about being home schooled and seeing that the Summer break is only a few weeks away I think I will make up my own list, so here goes.....

1 There is no set starting time.

2 I can teach in my p.j's.

3 I can teach & clean at the same time.

4 I can teach Sean in my bed when I am under the weather:0)

5 We can have off days whenever we like.

6 No homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 No lunch boxes to make up.

8 No smelly school bag to bug Sean about cleaning.

9 No teachers to deal with.

10 No bullying from school kids.

11 It's very cheap.

12 No uniform for Sean.

13 I love being with Sean a lot.

14 I choose what to teach him.

15 No head lice!

16 We can work at our own pace.

17 I love it.

18 Sean loves it.

19 I am learning old stuff all over again and loving it.

20 I can teach him in Costa and have the best coffee in town!!!

21 I can take holidays any time of the year.

22 Sean can have an off day on his birthday:0)

23 I love the lifestyle.

24 We can go on field trips when ever and as often as we like.

25 Sean is a much nicer kid because of it. (This is a proven fact)

26 We are a closer family.

27 It makes people think outside of the box.

28 Lord willing Sean will have some pretty amazing memories to look back on, and so will I.

29 We can HS on the beach, park, garden etc.

30 I can talk to myself and say I'm having a parent/teacher meeting:0)




Annie Blake said...

I enjoyed this :) many would be on my list too.

Heather L. said...

I do love your mobility! i haven't yet tried that with my crew. :) Maybe when they are all much older.

Cassandra said...

Haha. I love number 30.