Wednesday 24 June 2009

Sunny weather. (Ruth)

We have been enjoying some great weather these past couple of days, real scorchers. We also have a lot of news papers and envelopes to deliver so I am getting plenty of exercise and tan:D

Yesterday Sean and I went to the beach to do the schooling. The tide was in and we had a fab day. Sean hauled a HUGE log from the beach into the water and really enjoyed playing with it. He had his wet suit on which means that he can stay in the water much longer than he normally could.

We have spent the morning delivering papers. We took on with an extra 1,000 to be delivered around this area (got 700 done already) because Sean wanted to earn extra money to buy himself a pair of roller blades. He is finding out just how hard it is to do that!!!

Soon, we plan to spend an hour at the beach to cool down and then Sean and I can go to the Library to do some work there.

Hope you are all enjoying your own Summer wherever you are.

God bless.


ruth said...

That sounds like fun! We've had a very cool spring, but today it might just be hot enough that we will need to air conditioning.

Funny... most people over here seem to think low tide is the best time to be at the beach, but my family LOVES high tide! I guess it depends on whether you want to build sandcastles or frolic in the waves.

We have to travel for at least a full day's drive to get to a beach. An ocean beach, that is. I guess some people think they are at the beach when they are at the lake.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Ruth, I remember reding about you wrapping up in a blanket during the Spring time. It's times likethat that I fully appreciate a small home which is easy to heat (and clean!)

In Blackrock (where I was reared) the tide comes in twice every twenty four hours. It stays in for over an hour and when it goes out, boy does it go out!!! It goes out about two miles. I can't imagaine living as far away from the ocean as you do. I am so uses to it. I am so fortunate. Sean has been saying how lucky he is being homeschooled and being able to go to the beach.

I was on a lake beach in Mississippi. It was called Flint Creek. However their was very little sand, bit enough for Sean to play in!