Tuesday 9 June 2009

Sean's holday/my holiday!

The Easter Bunny train 'Sea Lion' at Lhen Coan.

Sean is going to the Isle of Man on Monday with his grannie for a week.

It's just not sinking in, you know, the fact that Niall and I will be on our own for six days and six nights...

No home schooling
not much cooking
no minding
no checking up if Sean has gone to bed/washed/ate etc.
no answering questions
no other boys around to mind/feed

There again,

no hugs
no kisses
no love from Sean
no fun with him


I think I can live with this for a week!!!!!

Overlooking Taubman Terrace Douglas.


Annie Blake said...

Since Seán's not going to be about next week I'd like to get the boys together again this week because I know Dylan will miss him. Can he come round for a few hours today? I'll text you later this morning :)

Heather L. said...

I hope Sean is having fun! It sounds like a beautiful place to visit! Hope you are suriving the week. :)