Saturday 6 June 2009

Koke bites the dust.

We have been having so much fun with Koke these past weeks I thought I would share this short video clip with you. Yesterday Sean and I were up stairs in the class room working and Koke notices the dust dancing in the sunlight and, well, you'll see for yourself the fun he (and we) had!

Last night we were having our supper in the kitchen. It was dark outside and Koke saw his reflection in the kitchen door. He gently barked at it twice, walked away,went back and sat looking at it for a few moments. He must have liked what he saw because his head went from side to side looking at himself and his tail began to wag:0)

It reminds me of a story Sean's granny Tess told me once. She and I were at a wedding in a hotel and she had to visit the ladies room. Well, when she walked in she saw a nice looking woman there. She went along with her business and when she went to wash her hands she saw this nice looking woman again. On her way out she paused to say 'hello' and realised it was her reflection in the full length mirror!