Monday 1 June 2009

Catch up

Today the sun in splitting the skys, again, and we are heading off to Dublin for the Women's Mini Marathon. It's a 10k walk/run which I am walking(!) Niall is taking me, Becky and Jacinta.

We had a lot of fun yesterday in St Helena's Part during "The Big Day Out' that the council puts on every year. We met Annie and Dylan there and just hung out together.
Falcons & Owls
The battle of the boys!

Annie. She bought me the most tasty tart!
There were six different bouncy castle/thingies. All free;-)
4 different tee-pee's. This one was for story telling.
While Sean was in his grannies for a sleep over, Niall and I played! We had a very busy few days giving out newspapers and christian magazines so we finished Saturday with a romantic picnic, lovely!
And on our way to the picnic look what we found!
Hundreds and hundreds of newspapers & magazines...
On Wednesday Sean took me to Costa for a birthday coffee, the wee pet. He had his cup of earl grey, Jean Luc Picard has a lot ot answer to!

This is the beautiful dress gem ring Sean gave me as a gift.
My Birthday tea.
This is my sister Patricia holding the newest addition to our extended family, Oisin. We met them at the Art Exhibition in the Library on Tuesday evening.
Sean's favourite stance looking at his favourite painting:-) My sister painted this oone and said she will paint another for his birthday which is on Sunday.

Got down to some serious weeding & planting in the community...
and some serious cleaning in Sean's shed.

This is Niall's brother-in-law Tommy. He is a chef living in rome with one of Niall's sisters and as you can see had some fun cutting up my pineapple:o)

Pizza night at the O Hares.

Oh, and Sean took his Drumcondra Reading Test during the week and Kate said he did very well:0)


Heather L. said...

Great to see what you've been up to lately!!!

Cassandra said...

What a pretty ring. :)

Thanks for posting all the pictures!