Thursday 18 June 2009

Any ideas?

I have two years left to teach Seán and then he is off to secondary school. In two years he will be a teenager. (13) There will be lots of reasons to give thanks, soooo...

I would like to celebrate the completion of his home education, to anticipate his school education and to celebrate his being a teenager in some way.

I am looking for ideas from you guys so please, no matter how small your thoughts may be on this subject, will you join with me on this project and help me out?

We will be able to use the Church Centre for the celebration. It can seat up to 200 people and has another room that is used for lunches/teas etc.

I am thinking of inviting our Church family, my family, Niall's family, Sean's first dad's family, friends, neighbours, other home schoolers and people who have been involved in his education so far like his Russian teacher etc.

I am keen to have the whole thing as low key as possible, but having said that there will be a lot of people invited...

Here is a short video you can look at to see what the smaller food hall looks like.

This is the stage area where we have a large projector screen. (this photo was taken when a visiting choire were performing)

This is the main hall.


Jeff Whitfield said...

Where was that choir from? That looks like fun!

ruth said...

Hi Ruth-- I answered your question in the comments section on my blog...

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Jeff, the choir was from Grosvenor in Dublin. They were very good!

Annie Blake said...

There is so much you can do with this space Ruth! The main thing is to keep it fun for Seán and his peers and to avoid it turning into a formal seated event.

I would mentally divide the main hall into sections and have 4-6 areas with different activities going on simultaneously.

A line of tables along one wall for finger food, treats and drinks (if you're having any). Limited seating at either end of the hall for Granny's and fuddy-duddies. Keep the middle of the hall for activities. Keep everyone on their feet rather than sitting to help create a more lively party atmosphere provides an opportunity to mingle and encourages participation in activities.

You could cover the walls with all the projects he has done, have several photos blown up and printed of key homeschooling events, photos of school tours, and put up anything that once hung on the school room walls. It could go clockwise in chronological order or something like that. If you wanted to display his achievements or scrapbooks you could have a history table, a geography table etc.

Games ...thirteen year olds still like to have fun, right? ...dunking for apples in basins, that balloon game I've seen you blog about, leap frog, 1-2-3 red lights, pass the parcel, light hearted fun to entertain and loosen everyone up.

Lots and lots of balloons.

Ask all the guys to bring along their remote control cars and have a race. All the boys, young and old would love that. You could designate an area and design a little obstacle course would play their for hours.

Have a theme and/or fancy dress!

Ok, you know there's no end to my imagination so, I'll stop and ask- am I on a different wavelength from you on this? What kind of suggestions are you looking for...

Ruth MacC said...

Sorry Jeff, Niall was wrong (tee hee!) it was an American choir called the Chamber Singers. Niall can't remember where they are from.

Annie, you mad thing, if this is low key, what would high key be? The opening ceremony of the Olympics!!!


We can't have any food in the main hall and it being low key I want it to be a sit down affair.

I loved the idea of the history table etc AND displaying different projects that we have been working on over the years. I should be able to fish out plenty of them, especially after eight years! I found one the other day that Sean and I made after a visit to RTE. He also made up some after visits to Paddy Clarks photography, the Garda Station W5 etc.

He has lots of certificates from different Bible Clubs, Sailing, Rugby, football etc. I could display that kind of thing in the food hall.

Keep the ideas coming, I need to pick your very fertile mind:D

ruth said...

In the food hall, the man in the beige sweater looks like my brother.

Heather L. said...'s kind of a graduation of sorts? The homeschoolers here often have a point during such an event for the parents to make a little speech and hand over a certificate of sorts.

People also like to put together photo powerpoints to run, either at a set time, or all the time in a corner.

Often people make photo displays with work from previous years, photos, badges, etc.

Students often have a book for people to sign -- a short verse, saying, a sentiment, anything they want to encourage them in the next step in life.

Sometimes people take photos of all the guests....

I guess that's my thoughts for now. :)

Ruth MacC said...

Heather, I really like the idea of visitors signing a book for him. That would be just lovely. Also like the idea of taking photos of the guests. What do you mean about the badges?