Wednesday 17 June 2009

300 post

I've nothing profound to write about this :o)

Just thought I wouldn't let it pass by without some little thing.

I enjoy my blog.

Couldn't keep up Face Book and this, so FB had to go. (I still have a peep on Niall's every now and again!)

I enjoy hearing from my Blogger friends and enjoy even more visiting their blogs.

I love being a Christian and having Ciber fellowship with others:-)

I just love home schooling Sean and have been encouraged reading and hearing from other home schooling mums.

Am off now to see you guys!

Have a good day!!!



Cassandra said...

Happy 300th post!

Laura said...

Congratulations Ruth! Cyberspace is a better place with you in it. :-) I'm blessed to have you as a "friend". Looking forward to the next 300 posts...