Wednesday 6 May 2009

Something nice :0)

Most Sundays when I come home from the Church service I listen to John MacArthur on my pod casts while Niall and Sean cook dinner, bless their hearts. This Sunday I was listening to one of his sermons on the Beatitudes and at the end of the show the presenter invited the listener to email them and let them know they are listening, just to encourage them. They do this regularly but this particular day I decided to mail them. (probably had something to do with the fact that my iPhone was beside me and it took no effort!)

So I sent him an email saying who I was and when I got converted. I explained how my pastor gave me the job of cleaning the Church Centre at a time when things were a bit tough for me as a single parent. I found some audio tapes of a man called John MacArthur and used to play them over the loud speaker. I liked them very much and started passing them on to a brother in the Lord who suffers from ME. Since then, I have received free Cd's and books and now free pod casts to my phone every week. I thought by telling them this it would encourage them. At the bottome I gave the link to my Christian testimony for them to read if they were interested.

Yesterday I received this email back from Grace To You...

Dear Ruth

John MacArthur has asked me, as European Director of Grace To You, to pass on his thanks for your letter of testimony, which he was so grateful to receive.

Whilst John gets to read the letters that are sent to him, time doesn’t allow him to personally respond to each one, but he wanted me to be sure to pass on his greetings in Christ.

Would you be willing for us to publish your testimony and photo in our Christmas newsletter, which is read by our listeners all over the U.K and Europe?

John would also like to send, with his compliments, a copy of the MacArthur Study Bible. Could you confirm that we have your correct details:

Well, what do you think of that? I am very glad my testimony is going out there. I have it on a blog and a short version is on our Church web site but this will take it out further afield. Since just before my baptism, when I had to write my story out, I have been lead to pass it out to the general public. It has been on the newspaper, radio and been published into a nice wee booklet and distributed into the homes of the village I come from, Blackrock. Initially I was concerned about putting a lot of my private stuff (a lot of it not very nice) in public but I have always thought it is what God wants me to do. I know it's not for everybody but like I said, I believe it has consistently been my thing since my conversion and so, you can understand that I am pleased to see it go one step further.

On two occasions I seated it when it went out. The first time was when He wanted me to put it, along with a bible, into the homes in Blackrock... I was living there at the time, just me and Sean and I have to admit that I cried over it. I could just see myself pulling a shopping trolley along (I have no car) full of bibles and my testimony and people thinking I was some kind of odd ball. I could imagine people looking at me and Sean on the bus whispering about us and Sean being teased when he would go to school. However, I submitted to God and told him, (through many tears!) that I would do it. The next week I told Stephen my pastor and he said, 'Well, that's something the Church can take on as a project." I couldn't believe it! I thought I would be photocopying about ten testimonies at a time and putting them out. However, the Church ordered 2,000 copies to be printed in the form of a booklet and a year later, with the help of a team of Christians from Texas, we put out many hundreds into the homes in Blackrock.

The nice part of this story is that by the time it happened, I had married and moved out of the area so none of my fears came about!!! I couldn't believe it and still can't sometimes :0) By the way, even though it's seven years on, we have started putting out the Bibles into the village too so that's the second part of my dream coming true!

The other time I worried over my story going out was when we moved into this estate after we married. (7 years ago) We and another family from the Church decided to put a letter of introduction saying who we were and what Church we attend, along with a Bible and my testimony into each of the 48 homes here. I worried that people would think I was weird. However, a few months later, Sean was invited to a birthday party and I was in the kitchen of my neighbours home and while I was there, I was thinking, how am I going to introduce the fact that I am a Christian to them? Then I remembered that my testimony had been put into their door and that they already knew and it ended up being such a relief! I didn't have to try to announce to all who I was! I know it is a sin to be afraid of people and what they may say about me but I confess that this is a sin I regurally struggle with. However, I normally don't let that stop me:-)

Since then we had bible studies in our home along with prayer meetings. In the community centre two doors down we had monthly Gospel meetings for a few years along with a weekly kids bible club and holiday bible club. People know who we are!!!

Anyway, that's me news and I thought I would share it with you and who knows? Maybe it might just encourage you too?!!!


Niall has a MacArthur study bible that I use so I plan to pass my gift on to a young believer who plans to be baptized soon. He has a huge appetite for God's word and I think he will get many years of bible study out of it:0)


Heather L. said...

What an exciting post!! Your testimony always encourages me as you include bits and pieces of it in your blog posts from time to time. I do pray the Lord uses those printed copies for HIs purposes! It's always good to hear what God is doing in various parts of the world.

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That's so exciting!