Friday 22 May 2009

Some old photos... and memories!

Now here's a blast from the past! Sadly, that's me stretched out on the bonnet of the car! Dad used to let me drive it up and down the lane. That's me again on the right with my younger sister on the left. Can't remember who is in the middle.

This is my younger sister with me when we were about twelve:0)

Dad used to design and build his own boats. They used to start out like this,and when that part of the boat was finished we would gather our neighbours together to lift it out of the shed, into the garden, turn it over and bring it back in to finish it. Here is dad and my eldest brother Bill sanding and making oars (I think). We never really used them, they were just there for emergencies if the engines cut out. On this occasion Bill had to take the boat out of the water to do a bit of work on it. Launching a new boat was always exciting with fellow fisher men, neighbours and a dozed children helping out... ... and admiring it!

This is one of the last boats dad made. He had called her 'the Optimist' Now we are on to the 'Big Hair' photos! Me and Niall!
This is Sean as a baby with his two grannies:0)Mum (on the left) in Bundoran with her friend. She was about eighteen then. This is dad at home in Blackrock with his mum. He was probably about the same age. These are my great grandmother, great grandfather, grandmother, great aunts etc at home in Blackrock. I remember them all, along with the garden. They had fantastic gardens with orchards, rose gardens, tennis courts etc. All gone now. The whole site where the house and gardens were now have sea view bungalows built on it.

Ahhh, I enjoyed that!


FancyHorse said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and the memories! They are great!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks, I enjoyed going through them:0)

Annie Blake said...

Great post Ruth, love the 'big' hair lol ...would you have fancied Niall in those days do you think?

Ruth MacC said...

I don't think either of us would have fancied each other! Niall will tell you he was very opponiated. I liked quiet 'nice' guys;-)

Annie said...

Hi ya, I'm taking timeout and using the google search feature to noisy around your blog. I see I've been here before! These are great pics. I'm sure you're dad would have loved to see Sean launch his own boat :)

Ruth MacC said...

I forgot I had posted these photos! Thanks for taking me back to them. Yes, dad would have been thrilled to see Sean in his sailing boat :0)