Friday 1 May 2009

Cosmic Star Ceilings

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We don't normally listen to the radio but because Niall had been on a lot lately we have had it on listening to him. One recurring advertising that Sean picked up on was for Cosmic Star Ceilings. It was a bit irritating to tell the truth but we ended up chatting about it, wondering what it would be like. Sean has plastic stars stuck on the ceiling in his bedroom and at night they light up. I have painted one of his walls blue and plan, perhaps when Sean is in the Isle of Man in June, to do something 'spacey' on it.

Anyway, Niall bumped into the man who runs this Cosmic business and organized a visit to his home so we can see what this glow in the dark space ceiling looks like.

We took Sean along and met the man, who's name is Martin. He was very friendly and helpful and led us up to the bedroom and told us to lie on the bed and keep our eyes closed... Not advice that I would usually take but under the circumstances, and with Niall there, we went ahead !!!

I must say it was very impressive. The ceiling had stars, planets, space men etc all over it. He had also decoratd lamp shades and framed pictures, so during the day you can't see the patern but in the dark they glowed.

A 13 yo boy in our estate said he would like to get his runners painted!


Heather L. said...

Wow! that is really impressive!

Ruth MacC said...

Yes, it would be a great birthday/Christmas present if lots of people got together and paid for it instead of buying individual prsents.

Cassandra said...

Those pictures are amazing!!