Sunday 3 May 2009


Well, we are after having a few days with or new puppy Coke. He is just lovely. His colour is great. It takes me back to when Sean was small. You had to feed him, change him, watch him so he didn't bump his head/eat something strange and play with him to tire him out... just like Coke!

The kids in the street are having a ball with him and have been calling over to see and play with him every day after school:-) I will have to watch this though because they are getting him over excited and his has begun to nip.

My neighbour Becky gave us a loan of two DVDs about dog training. She has a Huskie! The guy on the DVDs is called the Dog Whisperer, and some of the stories are very amusing!

We went to buy wire fencing yesterday to put up around the fence in the front garden to stop Coke getting out and the cheapest was €69. We can't afford this and are thinking about other options.

Niall spent two nights on the sofa bed listening to him yelping during the night and going out to stop him. I don't want him to be a nascence to our neighbours but having said that, he has to stay out at night and if he develops any bad habits now it will be pretty hard for him to break them later on.

Sean loves him and is very eager to make him his. He hasn't the authority yet to command Coke but this will come in time. We all think that when Coke has his final injection and we are able to take him out walking, Sean will find his feet so to speak.

Ah, he is cute though. We took him to the beach yesterday and he played in the water and the sand. It was so funny to see his hind legs running faster than his fore legs! And when he was digging with his front paws, he wasn't fast enough and would end up face down in the sand, so funny!!!

Right now though, I am wondering if it will drive our neighbours nuts if we put Coke in his kennel for a couple of hours so we can to to the Church service?!

Coke exhausted after his first day:0)




The Avon Lady ღ said...

Beautiful photo of you three :)

Ruth MacC said...

It's a keeper:-)

FancyHorse said...

Awww! So cute! Thanks for showing his picture!

By the way, are spurtles just a Scottish thing, or do you use them in Ireland, too? They're used for stirring oatmeal (porridge). Just wondering. My second-to-last post is about a traveling spurtle.

Cassandra said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a cute puppy!

Heather L. said...

Coke is a beautiful dog!! And he's so cute too. :) I hope he settles in quickly and stops his yelping. He's probably lonely. I'm sure he'll eventually adjust.