Friday 15 May 2009

At Home.

Koke Has really made himself the new member of our family! I have to day that I didn't realize just how fond of him we would be so quickly! I just love him and I don't even mind cleaning up after him... much:0)

He sits when you tell him to. Fetches and retrieves for a treat, stays outside my bedroom and most importantly, knows what NO is!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

So nice to come and catch up with all the goings on at your sweet house. Cute pup. Darling boy. Blessed mamma. Great dad. The Lord is good.

It is always a treat to come see you. I am currently laid up with a sprained ankle (gardening can be dangerous -- snicker), so I have the time to linger a bit more than usual.

You and your sweet family remain in my prayers. (Thanks for the update -- God is good.)

Cassandra said...

What a cute picture. :)

Heather L. said...

Glad Koke is fitting in so well. :) He's so cute!