Thursday 2 April 2009


Yesterday was a VERY full day. Sean and I took the day off. We had our usual Bible & prayer time with breakfast in bed then helped Niall deliver about two hundred newspapers. Then we were interviewed on local radio about home schooling. Harry Lee interviewed us and asked us, among other things, what happens to the photos we take? (We took photos in the studo the last few times we were there and Niall had taken photos at the St Pat's Parade) So now you know Harry, this is one of the places my photos end up! Straight after that we went to Newry, dropped Sean off to his grannies so he could spend the day with her and his cousins. Niall dropped me off to shop while he went for a job in Newry. I had a nice time shopping, even if it is only for food :0) I had a treat of a really nice cheese and tuna sandwich with a hot drink in Starbucks and I bought Sean a monster chocolate chip cookie (which he is eating now!)

Niall met me and we headed home and spent some time delivering more newspapers. (about 700 in total for the day) Sean's granny dropped him home, we dropped two pasta dinners around to an elderly woman who was 71 yesterday, and my step mother (who not only has breast cancer, but has now two tumors on her brain) went to the prayer meeting & song practice and after coming home had to deal with some unpleasant family stuff with regards to my mum's care...

It was a busy day, but you know what? It had it's great moments too!!!!!

This is what about 1500 newspapers look like :0)


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Heather L. said...

Enjoyed reading about your full day. Newspaper delivery is good exercise! :) Good for you on walking the marathon.