Tuesday 28 April 2009


Today we started our school work early and finished early and then went to the Museum to an exhibition that was showing photos. Yesterday morning Niall interviewed a photographer on Radio about his photos and he is showing some of them here. This is his web site...
It was a nice way to spend some time and we all enjoyed it. This is Sean hanging out at the Museum!

We picked up our 2,000 newspapers that needed delivering to the different shops and homes in Dundalk and gave out 500 of them along with advertisements for Niall's work and Christian tracts. (You should see the calf muscles I am developing!) This is what 1,600 newspapers look like...

Then went to see the pup and make arrangements to pick him up tomorrow at three, and then painted the kennel for him.

This should give you a clue why we are naming the dog Koke :0)


Annie Blake said...

Nice boots :o)

Dylan's excited about being around for your new arrival!

We're just home from a visit to Maura's in Kingscourt. I forgot my phone, amazing how much there is to check after one evening away from the Internet. Will do it all tomorrow, good night :)

FancyHorse said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the museum. I guess you've been busy with the new puppy!

Ruth MacC said...

Very busy, have to really tidy homw and put things out of reach! It looks great lol !