Monday 27 April 2009

New puppy!

Last week we choose a puppy for Sean and we hope to pick it up on Wednesday. As you can imagine, the excitement is pretty high in the MacCarthaigh household these days!

Here is a photo we took of it last week...

He is beautiful :0)


ruth said...

What a CUTE dog! I love puppies! What kind is it?

Be patient... it will train eventually. Our first dog trained really, really easily. He has a fastidious personality (not so great with kids, but he likes things the way he likes them, which means excrement *far* away). I was not prepared for our second dog who was much more shall we say "normal" in terms of his housebreaking learning curve. But he eventually got it, too! He was good by the time he was 6 months old. Hang in there and enjoy!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks so much, I needed that! I have just been told that he can't leave the garden for three weeks or he may catch something from other dogs. I was hoing to use that time to train h im to poop outside the garden (and we would clean up after him) instead of inside the garden. If you saw the size of our gardne you would understand.

Ah well, I am still training Sean and he is almost eleven!

Theres hope for me yet.

Ruth MacC said...

Oh, his mum is half collie half german shepherd (mostly collie) with a beautiful nature and the dad is a Labadore!

He is a beautiful colour.

Annie Blake said...

So exciting! Is it still ok for Dylan to go round on Wed? I'll understand if you want to make a family day out of puppy's 1st day home :)

...oh yes no contact with other dogs til his puppy parvo takes effect, v important. So much involved isn't there? I'm glad you're getting a puppy 1st so you can advise me well when ours arrives :)

Annie Blake said...

It's 3:05pm now so I expect you are all at Olive's house :) what a happy day!