Wednesday 22 April 2009

Blog award

Many thanks to Fancyhorse for giving me this award for my blog.

It's a lovely picture:o)

I would like to pass this award on to a couple of people I visit on Blog Land.

1) Sean my son. He has his blog up and running for his third year and although he doesn't have many followers, I know (as his mum!) that he deserves this blog because he puts a lot of work on it sometimes. If yoiu pop over sign up as a follower, he would be delighted to hear from you.

2) The Dylan Times. Dylan hasn't been blogging too long but he is keeping it going with the help of his mum. I am assured that he writes the posts out and then his mum types them up. I think she is also teaching him how to down load photos, not a mean feast for a 10 yo:-) Please pop over and sign his guest book, I know he would love that.

3) Grace. Grace is living in the US and has two blogs and has recently taken over her family blog so she is a busy girl! She used to live here in Ireland and we all miss her and are very glad she has her blogs and that we can all keep in contact with one another through them.

4) Cassandra at Adventist Homemaker deserves an award for sticking with me while I blogged about my diet! How boring is that and yet without her and Annie (see below) and a few others, I wouldn't have lost the bit of weight I did:-)

5) Annie at Being Mz Blake deserves an award for the same reasons as Cassandra plus the fact that she puts terrific photos on her blog;0)

6) Jennifer at Sit N Chat. This lady not only has the PINKIST (is that a real word?) blog I have ever seen but she also is a 'Gracious woman who retains honour'. She has shown me kindness and love since getting to know me via blog land. Thank you Jennifer:0)

So, there is my contribution.

Thanks again to Fancy Horse and I look forwards to continuing to share my life with you guys and others for a while yet I hope.

May the Lord bless you all indeed and bless our blogging friendships.



Cassandra said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you Ruth!! It was a lot of fun encouraging you in your dieting endeavors. :) I've really enjoyed getting to know you.

Sit-N-Chat said...

You are very kind to send an award! Of all times to have changed my pink background. But I am working on a new one. Seems like I seldom get to sit down at the computer for any length of time. We are making progress on the "remodel" of a room and all the shuffling of "stuff". Most of the things I have will probably not interest my children but I am not ready to get rid of these old things yet. So, I'll figure it out as we make new room for Brian's books and other things.
I am going to take time tomorrow to visit these other blogs. I am thankful for the Lord bringing me together with other on-line believers who have encouraged me and who are living out the faith God has given them.
Hope you are extra-ly blessed this week!

Annie Blake said...


Sorry for being so dopey re: nominations etc. and not accepting my lovely award sooner. In leu of a virtual mantelpiece it is now nested nicely on my blog sidebar. I'm chuffed :D

What can I say? I'd like to thank my sister, my sister's laptop, my mother's Internet provider, mobile blogging, Meteor add-on's, Dylan's patient nature and all those who stop by to comment :) thank you very much xox lol

Annie Blake said...

Comment from Karen on Facebook:

Pass on my regards to Ruth. I had lovely chats with her today. I would have liked to stay in touch with her on here. But understand she is spending more time on her blogs. Karen

Ruth MacC said...

Very funny Annie!

Thank you Karen.

Many thanks Cassandra & Jennifer.