Monday 27 April 2009

Bibles & Tracts..Good fruit?

Some of you may remember that Niall and I have been putting a lot of Bibles and tracts through doors here in Dundalk these past few months, two weeks ago we put about 2,000 tracts through letter boxes. Well, we have seen some fruit for our labours and have been encouraged.

Sunday week two men come to our church service that had never been there before. One came because he received one of our tracts. Then on Wednesday evening the other man arrived for the prayer meeting/song practice. He came back last night for the Bible study with a friend.

Both men profess salvation. They had been going to a church whose teaching was centred on wealth and had been taught, among other things that Jesus owned his own house without a mortgage.... It sickened them and they left a couple of years ago and had been praying that God would show them a proper Church. The guy who took his friend along had received one of our tracts through his door and thought he would come along and check us out.

Stephen, our pastor wasn't there last night and Niall was holding the study so he and Kevin (who preached yesterday) preached the Gospel and then there was a lot of healthy discussion over different doctrines... just great!

So to the brethren out there who was praying for us, thank you very much, and be encouraged and refreshed by this good fruit/news:0)



Jeff Whitfield said...

I hate that this bad teaching has invaded Dundalk to further confuse people in regard to the true Gospel, but I'm glad you guys are getting the truth out there and also were able to connect with these two men through your efforts. May God continue to bless your efforts.

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Jeff. On one hand it's gut wrenching to hear that kind of doctrine being taught, but on the other hand it's very encouraging to know what God says in His Word. To know the truth and to know that nothing can stop God doing what He wants done.

You have a real heart for the people of this town.

Was just on the phone to Mary O and her mum. They are in Marys home along with Katie just going over what happened these past two weeks. I am sorry for them all.