Tuesday 28 April 2009


Today we started our school work early and finished early and then went to the Museum to an exhibition that was showing photos. Yesterday morning Niall interviewed a photographer on Radio about his photos and he is showing some of them here. This is his web site...
It was a nice way to spend some time and we all enjoyed it. This is Sean hanging out at the Museum!

We picked up our 2,000 newspapers that needed delivering to the different shops and homes in Dundalk and gave out 500 of them along with advertisements for Niall's work and Christian tracts. (You should see the calf muscles I am developing!) This is what 1,600 newspapers look like...

Then went to see the pup and make arrangements to pick him up tomorrow at three, and then painted the kennel for him.

This should give you a clue why we are naming the dog Koke :0)

Most of Niall's 50th Birthday cards...

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Monday 27 April 2009

New puppy!

Last week we choose a puppy for Sean and we hope to pick it up on Wednesday. As you can imagine, the excitement is pretty high in the MacCarthaigh household these days!

Here is a photo we took of it last week...

He is beautiful :0)

Goodbye to Spring

Darling buds of May.

Bibles & Tracts..Good fruit?

Some of you may remember that Niall and I have been putting a lot of Bibles and tracts through doors here in Dundalk these past few months, two weeks ago we put about 2,000 tracts through letter boxes. Well, we have seen some fruit for our labours and have been encouraged.

Sunday week two men come to our church service that had never been there before. One came because he received one of our tracts. Then on Wednesday evening the other man arrived for the prayer meeting/song practice. He came back last night for the Bible study with a friend.

Both men profess salvation. They had been going to a church whose teaching was centred on wealth and had been taught, among other things that Jesus owned his own house without a mortgage.... It sickened them and they left a couple of years ago and had been praying that God would show them a proper Church. The guy who took his friend along had received one of our tracts through his door and thought he would come along and check us out.

Stephen, our pastor wasn't there last night and Niall was holding the study so he and Kevin (who preached yesterday) preached the Gospel and then there was a lot of healthy discussion over different doctrines... just great!

So to the brethren out there who was praying for us, thank you very much, and be encouraged and refreshed by this good fruit/news:0)


Saturday 25 April 2009


I am sitting here listening to Niall on Radio chatting with a couple of people about prisoners and particularly people who murder. It's not a Christian show and the opinions are interesting. It sounds like somebody is being let out of prison after serving seven years for murdering two people.

Niall is quoting what the Bible has to say about this issue in the old testament, life for life etc. The other guy is very annoyed that prisoners have things for free that we have to pay for in our homes, tv, dvd etc. He thinks they should work harder. The third person is all for educating criminals.

A couple of years ago I listened to a cd from a Christian prospect how prisoners should be punished for their crimes and not be rehabilitated...

What do you think?

If you are looking for hints and tips about how to get those household jobs done visit Heather's blog and read what she has to say about it.


Wednesday 22 April 2009

Blog award

Many thanks to Fancyhorse for giving me this award for my blog.

It's a lovely picture:o)

I would like to pass this award on to a couple of people I visit on Blog Land.

1) Sean my son. He has his blog up and running for his third year and although he doesn't have many followers, I know (as his mum!) that he deserves this blog because he puts a lot of work on it sometimes. If yoiu pop over sign up as a follower, he would be delighted to hear from you.

2) The Dylan Times. Dylan hasn't been blogging too long but he is keeping it going with the help of his mum. I am assured that he writes the posts out and then his mum types them up. I think she is also teaching him how to down load photos, not a mean feast for a 10 yo:-) Please pop over and sign his guest book, I know he would love that.

3) Grace. Grace is living in the US and has two blogs and has recently taken over her family blog so she is a busy girl! She used to live here in Ireland and we all miss her and are very glad she has her blogs and that we can all keep in contact with one another through them.

4) Cassandra at Adventist Homemaker deserves an award for sticking with me while I blogged about my diet! How boring is that and yet without her and Annie (see below) and a few others, I wouldn't have lost the bit of weight I did:-)

5) Annie at Being Mz Blake deserves an award for the same reasons as Cassandra plus the fact that she puts terrific photos on her blog;0)

6) Jennifer at Sit N Chat. This lady not only has the PINKIST (is that a real word?) blog I have ever seen but she also is a 'Gracious woman who retains honour'. She has shown me kindness and love since getting to know me via blog land. Thank you Jennifer:0)

So, there is my contribution.

Thanks again to Fancy Horse and I look forwards to continuing to share my life with you guys and others for a while yet I hope.

May the Lord bless you all indeed and bless our blogging friendships.


Tuesday 21 April 2009

How do you eat an elephant?

Well, the two weeks holidays are over...

I really enjoyed them and was very, very busy. I am glad to be back into a routine with Sean and the house work though. I have neglected this blog and other things so I hope to spend some time up dating etc. However, I had continued to visit you guys and have been uplifted and straightened by you so thank you.

The first major thing I have to say is that we as a family managed to give out over 2,000 Christian tracts along with some leaflets Niall was getting payed to put into letter boxes around the town to supplement our income. I am very happy about this and I feel the Lord really gave us a slap on the back when a man came to our service on Sunday morning because he saw me and Niall giving out tracts in the area where he lives and received one through his door:0)

Thank you God for encouraging us and keeping us going.

We are tipping away slowly with the Bible distribution.
How do you eat a whole elephant?
One bite at a time!

How do you give out over 1,200 Bibles?
One box at a time!

One of the LONG term things that is happening in our household is that we are getting a dog! I know, I know, I said I would never get one but...
The main reason I changed my mind is because of Sean. He is an only child and he needs a dog. I really think he does and that the time is right. The thing that in my mind makes it dooable is the fact that I have decided to be it's main carer.

Sean has had fish and more recently two hamsters and training him up to look after them had been, at times, a major pain. I just couldn't face having to train Sean to train the dog, so I am taking the lion's share of the burden! Once I made up my mind to do this it all fell into place. I hope I won't regret this horribly, especially since we will probably still have it when Sean has moved out!

I have a pile of books I need to read through and I am still working on Sean's quilt for his birthday. As you can guess, I have been doing a bit of walking with the door to door work but for now, until the 2,000 newspapers come in two weeks, I think I will get back into walking around the area where I live.

Sean is doing ok. He is very excited about his puppy. We went over to look at them and he picked one out. The mother of the pup is a cross between a German shepherd and a collie. She is small enough and has a beautiful nature. She was quite happy to let us handle her pups. The pup's dad is a Labrador so we think Sean's pup will be just lovely. We hope to be collecting HIM, (photo on Sean's blog) within a fortnight. First we have to secure the garden with chicken wire to keep him in, get a kennel and also bowls, lead, collar etc.

Saturday 11 April 2009

Uber Blog Award

I feel very humble and glad to receive this award from Jennifer at Sit-N-Chat.

It is not for this blog, but for my Testimony Blog.

Thank you very much:o)

Here is the history of the award:
Uber {synonym of super} Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites that inspire you, make you smile and laugh, gives amazing information, a great read, have an amazing design, and any other reasons you can think of that makes them Uber amazing!
Here are the rules that go along with the award:
Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.
Nominate at least 5 blogs {or more} that for you are amazing.
Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
Come back here and comment so that your link could be added to the master list of awardees.

I will get back soon with the blogs I plan to nominate.

Ok, here are my choices...

1) Cassie at Home Schooling Four. This is a terrific blog that not only invites us into her home life but is also gives LOADS of info to people living in the US about how to save money shopping etc. A great blog that I have been enjoying visiting for quite some time now.

2) Ruth's thoughts & memories. I like Ruth's blog. I like her straight forwardness and I keep up with her on Face Book too!

3) Blackberry Rambles. I really like visiting Heathers blog. She always has beautiful photos of her family here and it looks (Pity I cant taste) like she is a fab cook. Look out for her uncle, he is a great character I think!

4) Principled Discovery. What can I say about this blog? Again, I have been over here many times. It gives lots of current info about home schooling and is VERY down to earth. A good blog to visit on a regular basis.

Well, that's it. I hope you go visit each other and are as blessed as I am in visiting you guys!

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Easter break

W5 Online

I am enjoying our Easter break. I gave Sean (and me) two weeks off, except for the fact that Sean only has to do math every day. We are enjoying our late mornings. I am working on Sean's birthday present and am taking every opportunity to sit and sew. I am making him another quilt, this time the theme is Star Trek! I will try to post some photos soon.

Last night I attended our Church women's meeting out in the Lamb's home. The fellowship was VERY good and it was great so see everybody in an atmosphere where we can chat over a cuppa and catch up. Sigita managed the study quite well. She talked about the prodigal son and made comparisons to something that happened to her last year. We finished the evening with song and more tea & chat.

Sean's friend Rhys is sleeping over tonight and another friend of his, Dylan, is sleeping over tomorrow night. I enjoy these times and try to make their stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible which includes coke floats or hot drinking chocolate /chocolate chip cookies which they love!

On Thursday Niall, Sean, Rhys, Dylan, Paula, Luke and I plan to go to Belfast City to W5, imac 3D movie and then finish the day off with a treat to the Pizza Hut. W5 is a terrific venue where you can spend hours interaction with all kinds of kids science stuff, and this particular pizza hut is the business!


Spiritually I am doing ok. I am reading my Bible and after finishing in Revelations last week, I have started again in Genesis. I love reading through the Bible this way and by the time I read through the New Testament I really look forwards to the Old Testament. I am reading through a couple of books too. One by John MacArthur about the prodigal son (second time reading this) and another, (forget the name and don't want to run upstairs to get it, will later!) about prayer.

Last week Niall spent quite a bit of time, with a little help from us, delivering newspapers. We put about 300 tracts in them so I am pleased with that. Also he gave out more Bibles in Blackrock. Don't think I have mentioned this... We have over 1,200 NKJV Bibles sitting in the Church Centre waiting to be put into the homes of the houses in a village called Blackrock so we started the task. It's slow going but we know it's worth it:0)

Because of the Bibles and tracts are going out, a few unpleasant things happened. I know the devil won't be happy with God's word going out and is bound to stir up some trouble but I also know that God is in control and He knows there is nothing quite like trials in our lives to make us more like His Son, Jesus.... 'Count it all joy'....

We are thinking of getting a dog... Not sure what, when or how much but Sean is thrilled so watch this space:0)

Hope you all have a good, fruitful and peaceful Easter and that you remember what it should be about.

God bless you all.

Saturday 4 April 2009


Well, I am almost at the end of my 3 month diet. I am happy to say that I have lost 17 lbs! I have decided to keep it up until I loose another 5 and than I'll be content to stay at 9 stone which is 126lbs.

I found this joke of a site...

One of life's mysteries is how a two-pound box of candy can make a woman gain five pounds!

Thursday 2 April 2009

DKIT Mini Marathon

DKIT Mini Marathon March 09

DKIT Mini Marathon March 09

I walked the first ever DKIT Mini Marathon on Sunday afternoon. It was a bit dull and managed to drizzle a bit but I met up with a nice woman and we both took our time and managed to finish it!!! I enjoyed the day and am glad I took part.


Yesterday was a VERY full day. Sean and I took the day off. We had our usual Bible & prayer time with breakfast in bed then helped Niall deliver about two hundred newspapers. Then we were interviewed on local radio about home schooling. Harry Lee interviewed us and asked us, among other things, what happens to the photos we take? (We took photos in the studo the last few times we were there and Niall had taken photos at the St Pat's Parade) So now you know Harry, this is one of the places my photos end up! Straight after that we went to Newry, dropped Sean off to his grannies so he could spend the day with her and his cousins. Niall dropped me off to shop while he went for a job in Newry. I had a nice time shopping, even if it is only for food :0) I had a treat of a really nice cheese and tuna sandwich with a hot drink in Starbucks and I bought Sean a monster chocolate chip cookie (which he is eating now!)

Niall met me and we headed home and spent some time delivering more newspapers. (about 700 in total for the day) Sean's granny dropped him home, we dropped two pasta dinners around to an elderly woman who was 71 yesterday, and my step mother (who not only has breast cancer, but has now two tumors on her brain) went to the prayer meeting & song practice and after coming home had to deal with some unpleasant family stuff with regards to my mum's care...

It was a busy day, but you know what? It had it's great moments too!!!!!

This is what about 1500 newspapers look like :0)


Amazing photos...

Riyadh Today