Wednesday 11 March 2009

Something nice/Something not so nice

Yesterday while driving through the town we spotted this...

Although I am a huge supporter of our Guards/Police and have arranged outings to the Garda Station/Dublin with local boys, taken Sean to the annual friendly football match between the Guards and the Army etc., I am not in favour of this kind of advertising and I am very surprised it got the go ahead from the Guards.

If everybody who worked in high risk jobs protested in this kind of way our Country would be in a sad state indeed.

Sean was in the back of the car and he, being 10, snorted "That's disgusting."

What must younger children think when they see this?

I know being a Guard is a very hard job, especially when you consider they are not armed. I am so very sorry for these two particular Guards and the pain they have suffered. I would not like to see my son in this state.

Surely there must be another way for the Guards to get their point across? Perhaps something along the lines of giving, in writing, a percentage of our Guards being injured while on duty?

I sent this photo to our national radio station yesterday and they want to interview me over the phone about it today.

On a more pleasant note, what do you think about this? Isn't it lovely? I got it last week for about 3 euros and it is blooming away very nicely!


Anonymous said...

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Jeff Whitfield said...

Ruth, I admire your courage to speak up and I know you would have done this is in a kind and gentle way. I wish I could have heard your live broadcast yesterday. I'm going to see if I can find the podcast on RTE 1. Yeah, I would think this would be similar to a movie rating sort of thing. There are some images we can handle as adults but don't necessarily want our children exposed to them and the parents should be the ones to decide that sort of thing rather than having to explain it to our children once they are exposed. Well done!

Heather L. said...

That is a rather nasty billboard. I agree with your sentiments.

On the subject of billboards, Michael and I were often shocked with how much more R-rated the billboards in the UK were compared with USA. really sad.

I love that purse you received in the post! Just beautiful!

FancyHorse said...

That is a shocking billboard, and not something you'd want to come up on unexpectedly, and certainly not something you'd want your children seeing! I'm glad you spoke up; I hope they will change it.

I love the flowers. Narcissus? Do they have a sweet scent?

Annie Blake said...

Hmm my comment seems to have gone astray again, I agree with you Ruth and well done for going on air to voice your concern.

Annie Blake said...

Drove past that billboard today, it has been replaced by an O2 advert with cute rubber duckies :)

Ruth MacC said...

that is so funny, many thanks for telling me!!!!!!