Friday 20 March 2009

Day off

I had a day off on Wednesday. Niall took Sean and Dylan for the day. They did their school work and then headed to Roch Castle for a couple of hours. They had a picnic there and played for a long time with what looked like an escaped, tame ferret! The boys loved it!

I However, spent the morning with a neighbour. We eventually went to buy plants for our estate. Then I walkid around the town in the lovley sunshine, stopped for a tripple decker toasted sandwich (!) then I hit every second hand shop in the place... It's amazing what you can buy for €15.oo!

Then I bought some fabric for a quilt I am making for Seán's birthday in June and then I went to Yana's hair salon where whe washed, dried, curled, and pined my hair (for free!) until I felt very beautiful!

Aftr she shut shop, we went to the Church building where we had our prayer meeting, followed by pizza, refreshemnts and a Christian movie! Aaaaa!!!
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5 Lovely Ideas for Adding Ambience & Cheer to Your Life


Heather L. said...

what a lovely day!! I especially liked the visits to the charity shops! Tomorrow I'm off to our Goodwill as it will be 50% off!!! Yay! I hope I find some good things.

PS: Andrew would love some stamps. :)

Annie Blake said...

I'm delighted you enjoyed your day off. I really love your hair up like that it's beautiful :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Sounds like a great day off. PS. Love your hair! So pretty!

Thanks for linking to my post!!

Happy day!