Wednesday 4 March 2009

Catching up.

Hello again. I have enjoyed my much needed break away from blogger land. Here is a few pictures of what's been happening around here lately...

I went to Blackrock for a walk around with Sean and I met my sister Barbara and her son Dean!

A few nights later I had Dean's son 'Lee' staying overnight.

This is Niall relaxing after a big Sunday dinner in the conservatory of a friends home in Annagassan:-)We got to do quite a bit of tidying around in the back garden and so the place looks a lot better that it did! I even got to cut the grass!

I got a cheque for €300 to spend buying plants and shrubs etc on our estate so a neighbour and I went to a couple of garden centres to look around. We bought two half barrels and so Niall (with a little help from the kids!) screwed them on to a wall. We bought compost and planted ivy in them. Hopefully they will get established and we will see an improvement in years to come.

This glass cabinet was for sale for €50!This was part of the beautiful view on the way home from one of the garden centres.
This is one of Sean's friends. His name is Sean. Sadly, very sadly, he lost his father two days ago and everybody is devastated... I took this photo just last week. I am very fond of Sean and his mum and am so very sorry for the loss.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Fun seeing all your delightful activities. That ivy sounds like a great idea. I can't wait to see the pics as it grows.

Prayers for Sean and Mum at their very great loss. [Dear Father . . . ]

Heather L. said...

Good to catch up with you! i got your facebook messages and read about the books. I haven't read as many as you probably think I have but have printed the list for future ordering from the library and will attempt to post a note soon with the ones I have read. :)