Tuesday 17 February 2009


This morning is beautiful and sunny so I went for a bit of a walk and took some photos on the way. I don't know what you call this wild flower but it is a welcome sight so early in the year.

When I was younger I used to call this a Whinn bush and Easter Flower. Well, whatever it is called, it looks good, smells better and reminds me that Easter is not far away.

When we were small, we used to be sent down the lane towards the ocean to pick the flowers off this bush on Easter Sunday/Monday. This kept us busy while the 'Easter Bunny' came to visit:-)
We would take a bag of them home and boil them in water with eggs, and after they turned yellow we would paint them and then roll them down the 'Fairy Hill'. Whoever had the egg without a crack at the end of the tumble won!


Heather L. said...

Your photos are so beautiful! How delightful to already have some flowers in bloom. It will be quite a while here before that happens. I loved hearing how you would dye eggs with the whinn blooms! There is so much of the whinn bushes up in Scotland.

Christina said...

Oh my, how wonderful! You actually have things green and blooming! How blessed you are! Thanks for sharing a bit of the beauty with those of us who are still in cold, gray lands!

Huang Chunlei said...

i am the guy living in the faraway China, thanks for your blog that i learned something about the place i got interesting!

Huang Chunlei said...

i am the guy living in the faraway China, thank you for your blog that i learned a lot of things i got interest!

Sit-N-Chat said...

We had prayer meeting tonight and we continue to pray for you and for your mother. Our church family is so sweet and has deep concern for those God brings into our paths.

I take my dad to the dentist tomorrow. My parents live same town and they are at the point of traveling to doctor appointments often. She may have hip replacement in the next two weeks.

Hope yout family is healthy now.