Wednesday 11 February 2009


Valentines is almost upon us. I like Valentines, not just because of the romance, but really because it's Niall's birthday and we always make a fuss. It's a good time of the year to have some kind of celebration, you know, after Christmas and all the sales etc. Seán, Rhys and I normally drag the table and chairs into the sitting room where we light a fire. We put up fluffy pink lights (that's for me!) and balloons etc and then put the ice bucket on the middle of the table and put a bottle of coke in it! Then we buy a sponge cake and have great fun decorating it. Seán takes a bunch of stickies and writes messages on them along with arrows placing them on the floor, leading from the front door to the sitting room and when Niall comes home we are all hiding there and sing Happy Birthday!

This year we have an extra element to Valentines.

Sean asked me if he could send a girl a card...

We took it to dad and all discussed it (laughed and joked about it!) Eventually, Niall asked me what I thought. I said that so far we have been teaching Seán about being responsible with money, (yard sales etc) and house hold chores, (cutting, sawing, lighting fires, cleaning etc) and that maybe we could use this opportunity to teach him what the Bible says about relationships.

What came to my mind was how guys should treat girls like sisters and older women like mothers. They have to be treated differently than boys/men.

So, the final decision was left with Niall and he said that we would contact the parents/guardian of the 'TWO' girls (hedging his bets!) in question, and that we would go with Seán to pick appropriate cards.

We did get permission from the girls people. Seemingly, the children in school are in the habit of sending each other Valentine cards every year so no one gets left out.

So, yesterday Seán and I went to Dunnes to pick the cards. I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely! He was full of laughs and giggles at all the different rhymes! So, eventually he bought them, with his own money, went home, signed them etc and posted them.

I know this might not be everybodys way of dealing with this issue, but we find that talking things through with Seán, and be there guiding him through it, seems to work best with him.

I want him to grow up having a lot of respect for women, but not to be afraid of them!


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Heather L. said...

Loved reading your post about valentines and I loved how you handled this -- very appropriate.