Friday 20 February 2009

Mini Break

This week I am taking a mini break away from the computer. I need to catch up on some things and so, I will be seeing you next week!!!

God bless:-)

Tuesday 17 February 2009


This morning is beautiful and sunny so I went for a bit of a walk and took some photos on the way. I don't know what you call this wild flower but it is a welcome sight so early in the year.

When I was younger I used to call this a Whinn bush and Easter Flower. Well, whatever it is called, it looks good, smells better and reminds me that Easter is not far away.

When we were small, we used to be sent down the lane towards the ocean to pick the flowers off this bush on Easter Sunday/Monday. This kept us busy while the 'Easter Bunny' came to visit:-)
We would take a bag of them home and boil them in water with eggs, and after they turned yellow we would paint them and then roll them down the 'Fairy Hill'. Whoever had the egg without a crack at the end of the tumble won!

Monday 16 February 2009

Animal day!

Seán, (with a little help from me), posted this...

Have a peep on his site and leave a message if you can!

Mid Term Break

This week my friends are on a break so my mum said I can just do a little work this week! Today we went to the park and had a good day. Then we went to the pet shop for a look around. Then we went to visit friends. They have two horses, but their dog died today:-(

Today I saw
and a parrot!

I also saw nappies for puppies and a football t-shirt for a dog?

Saturday 14 February 2009

Birthday No. 2/Valentines

We are sitting waiting for Niall to come home...

Well he came home and we had a great day... I love this day!!!

Wednesday 11 February 2009


Valentines is almost upon us. I like Valentines, not just because of the romance, but really because it's Niall's birthday and we always make a fuss. It's a good time of the year to have some kind of celebration, you know, after Christmas and all the sales etc. Seán, Rhys and I normally drag the table and chairs into the sitting room where we light a fire. We put up fluffy pink lights (that's for me!) and balloons etc and then put the ice bucket on the middle of the table and put a bottle of coke in it! Then we buy a sponge cake and have great fun decorating it. Seán takes a bunch of stickies and writes messages on them along with arrows placing them on the floor, leading from the front door to the sitting room and when Niall comes home we are all hiding there and sing Happy Birthday!

This year we have an extra element to Valentines.

Sean asked me if he could send a girl a card...

We took it to dad and all discussed it (laughed and joked about it!) Eventually, Niall asked me what I thought. I said that so far we have been teaching Seán about being responsible with money, (yard sales etc) and house hold chores, (cutting, sawing, lighting fires, cleaning etc) and that maybe we could use this opportunity to teach him what the Bible says about relationships.

What came to my mind was how guys should treat girls like sisters and older women like mothers. They have to be treated differently than boys/men.

So, the final decision was left with Niall and he said that we would contact the parents/guardian of the 'TWO' girls (hedging his bets!) in question, and that we would go with Seán to pick appropriate cards.

We did get permission from the girls people. Seemingly, the children in school are in the habit of sending each other Valentine cards every year so no one gets left out.

So, yesterday Seán and I went to Dunnes to pick the cards. I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely! He was full of laughs and giggles at all the different rhymes! So, eventually he bought them, with his own money, went home, signed them etc and posted them.

I know this might not be everybodys way of dealing with this issue, but we find that talking things through with Seán, and be there guiding him through it, seems to work best with him.

I want him to grow up having a lot of respect for women, but not to be afraid of them!


Tuesday 10 February 2009

Pay it forward

Here is a little something I have decided to participate in.

I read it on Jennifer's blog and think that it would be a nice thing to do. Here's hoping I have 3 blogger friends who would like to take part!

Here are the rules as posted on her blog:

1. The first 3 bloggers to leave a comment letting me know they want to participate, will receive a hand-made gift from me.

2. Those 3 bloggers promise to post this challenge on their blog (meaning they too will ‘pay-it-forward’, creating a handmade gift for the first 3 bloggers that leave a comment on their blog!!)

The gift can be any price range--though I'm thinking that keeping it small will be sufficient--and you have 365 days to make/ship your gift!! I will get you your gift way before a year from now! I have no clue right now what I will make but it still will not take a year to get it to you!

If you want to participate, just leave a comment telling me so and then repost this on your blog so that you can pay it forward to 3 others, and so on, and so on, and so on.......You can still leave a comment on what you think about this even if you don't want to participate!!

I think something small like a home made book marker will be nice?


Sunday 8 February 2009


I have been dying to blog about this for weeks, no, months but I couldn't. I have been organising Niall's surprise 50 th birthday party and it all happened on Friday night!

His birthday isn't until 14th Valentines day, but because our Church is having a special service the day after that (it is 21 years old) I decided to have the party the week before.


There was a lot of work put into it. Annie spent weeks and weeks working on a power point for it. It has photos, video and e mails on it. Evelyn supplied the cake, Becky, Marguerite and Anne made sandwiches, buns and apple tarts. On the day, Marguerite, Barbara and Mary came in and made a mountain of sandwiches and Mary helped with the planning too. A lot of the women of the church served brilliantly on the night, Kevin and Stephen helped with the technical side of things and a lot of people came:-)

The Lord really helped me with my cope with the whole thing and on the night Niall gave his testimony and Stephen gave a clear account of the Gospel.

Some of Niall's old school friends came, some of his family, church family, my family , the list goes on.

We had e mails on the power point which was lovely and Harry from their local radio station interviewed him for a half hour in front of everybody and that will be broadcasted this week.

A million and one things happened that I cant put down here. I am tired, what with everything happening. Mum is still in hospital and needs somebody sitting with her 24/7. Sean is still in pain with his arm etc. But hey, it was an interesting experience and NIALL LOVED IT!

I have to say though, that I didn't like keeping all this a secret from him and if I had to do it all over again... I wouldn't!

I took him to a nice restaurant before the party so Sean and I could have a bit of peace with him and calm everything down a bit.

Thank you to all your help, e mails, gifts etc.

God bless you for it.


Monday 2 February 2009

A busy & full week.

Wouldn't you know it... I am organising something for Niall's 50th birthday and

Mum is in hospital.
Sean was playing Kung Fu with his friends yesterday evening and so we spent part of the day in the hospital in Drogheda getting his hand set in plaster.
Some of my family are cracking up because when mum told me she thought she was dying and so I prayed for her... Yes, I prayed for her with her permission and somehow the world is coming to an end???
Did you ever hear the old saying, things happen in threes?

However, through all this, I know that I can do all things through Christ who straightens me.
I think of this;
Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus.

I tell you, when hard times come I love to see the Lord at work in me. He uses Niall a lot to show me the right way to deal with people. How not to rebel against my enemy, how to love them and do good to them. How I should try not to always vindicate myself...

It's tough, suppressing the old self and trying to do things Gods way and not mine. But my goodness, the fruit that comes from obeying is something else!

Our pastor Stephen preached on Sunday on Romans 12 and mentions how we should expect trouble and hard times. Expect it but be prepared for it, by reading the Bible and prayer.

So, I feel renewed, ready for tomorrow and am happy to see God keeping His promise after I
let my requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus.
I am a happy woman:-)