Monday 12 January 2009

Update on weight loss...

Well, I have been careful about what I eat and have been taking a few walks since last Monday and have been keeping a diary/blog since then. Today I had a weigh-in and lost 6 lbs... It's mostly down to two factors that I explain about on my diary/blog here so check it out if you want.

Apart from that the news here is that Seán got a vomiting bug Saturday night and was up vomiting until 7 Sunday morning, poor guy. He has stopped vomiting but is still unwell. We phoned our doctor (Seán has a kidney problem and I was concerned at how little he was drinking and the colour of his urine) and he said just get the fluids into him and let the body fight it. He said this while on his way out his office door, because he is unwell too and was heading for home!

Last night I woke up and vomited a few times and was feeling very sick for the day. Still am but not as bad as I was. So, I am drinking cooled boiled water, playing with this while lying on sofa in front of fire with Seán, he is watching Wall E (again!).

On an interesting note, while praying today as a family, we wondered why God would have allowed this to happen. We know He is in full controll of everything and that all things work out for the good of those who are saved and for God's glory. I remembered that while I was holding Seán's head over the bathroom sink, he asked me to pray. All he could say was 'Pray'. I felt helpless and as I tried, I thought how even though he is not saved, he knows that God is in control, that He was letting this awful thing happen to him, (he got sick 11 times) for good reasons and that I have God's ear because I am his child... It was humbling and hopeful all at the same time.

Also, we remembered that God says that our sin makes him want to vomit.... What more can I say, only 'guilty'.

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ruth said...

Do you think Wall-E is a little bit depressing? I did, but my daughter, Shannon, loves it becasue it incorporates "Hello Dolly" and that is one of her absolute favorites.

I'm sorry Sean was so sick. I hope he is better by now. My second daughter gets so sick. She often throws up over 20 times. Her older sister once thought she was going to die, she got so thin over two or three days. I always hated the stomach flu beyond anything, until I read a book by Jean Fleming called "A Mother's Heart"--it's a really, really good book. She talked about being sick in America (I think it was America--anyway, some civilized nation) compared to out on the mission field, and how she could be thankful for flush toilets, running water, ice and a washer and dryer. I was totally humbled and have never quite seen it the same way.