Friday 23 January 2009


Last week we got word that Seán has been accepted into Bush Post Primary School out in Cooley. We three are over the moon about it. It's the only school we wanted Seán to go to but it was the only school we weren't sure he would get into.

But listen, he won't be gong for another while yet, perhaps a couple of years!

It's a technical school and has a very good range of subjects. The first-year students take all the subjects and then they can decide which ones they continue with and which ones they drop.

Business Studies
Home Economics
Technology - wood
Technology - Metal
Technical Graphics
Art (craft & design)
Physical Education
Career Guidance
Civic Social & Political Education (CSPE)
Social Personal & Health Education (SPHE)

School Programmes


The school has a running track and they also have a new gymnasium. Here is a little of what the school says about that...

There are a huge range of extra-curricular activities that take place both during and after school hours in Bush Post Primary School.

These include gaelic, art, soccer, athletics, choir, camogie, crafts, rugby, drama, aerobics, music tuition and basketball. Each year the school runs a 'Superstars' competiton in which teams chosen from across the year groups compete against each other over a range of events.

Some of the things that I like about this school so much is that for a small school (475 students) they have 3 computer suites, 3 science labs and really good engineering and wood technology facilities. Perfect for boys!

Also, they have a starter class for children who have not been learning Irish. I am not obliged to teach Seán Irish as a home-schooler but when he goes to school he will have no choice. From what I have been able to find out, the other schools would put him into a class with children who have been learning Irish for six years and be expected to catch up. I am DELIGHTED to say that Seán will be able to learn the Irish language at his own pace and not have to take exams. He is into his 4th year learning the Russian language and so between that and starting French & Irish, he will have his hands full.

Another thing I like is that the Principal is not planning to increase the numbers of the students in the school. A lot of the schools in Dundalk have anything between 600 & 800 students in their schools.

The school itself is out in the countryside, the Cooley Peninsula, which is beautiful and only a couple of miles from Carlingford, where Seán goes sailing during the Summer. It is about 12 miles away from where we live in the town but that's not an issue. We will drive Seán until we are confident he is able to go on the buses. (one into town and the other to the school)

This is what the uniforms look like.

After an interview with the Principal last year, we feel confident that all that can be done in relation to bullying and drugs etc is being done. We were given a tour around the school last Summer by the caretaker and then we also attended their Open Day and gave Seán a taste of it. On the way home n the car he said, 'I love being home-schooled, but, you know, I am ready for school now, so when do I start, next week?' The wee pet, he was a bit disappointed to hear he wasn't going for another two years or so.

So what about our plan to give Seán his transitional year before he goes to school? Well, we are going to have to have a talk with the Principal again and see if she can hold Seán's place for an extra year. I can't see it happening, but God knows, and if He wants Seán to go to school in 2010 that's ok with us!

I can't tell you how happy I am about this. When we heard about it, I cried, and we all thanked God immediately.

Our motto "Ar thriail na tuiscine" translates as "In search of Understanding ".

- The sun of knowledge rises over the land and sea of the Cooley Peninsula.
- Student's arms are raised bearing symbols of study and industry.
- Over all is the torch of eternal youth.



Debbie in CA : ) said...

Praise the Lord! It sounds wonderful! I'll keep praying. : D

Sit-N-Chat said...

Your prayer request is taken very seriously. I know that when we pray for results that line up with God';s Word, He acts. He is moving on behalf of building His Kingdom. I did not know if you'd prefer a private email for response but I don't think I have yours.
Know that I will pray. How I praise Him for the opportunity and am amazed that He uses these blogs for His work. is my email address.

Heather L. said...

I'm so excited for you and for Sean. I hope things continue to work out!

Annie Blake said...

You spurred me on to actively seek out information on secondary schools for Dylan. For us I feel it's too soon to choose a secondary school as we still have two years of primary school to work out. At the hen night I discovered one of Karen's friends teaches Irish and geography in one of the two secondary schools I'm undecided between. She confirmed that it's fine to put his name down for more than one school. She said there's a €20 fee to secure a place on assessment day and that all schools hold assessment day on the same Saturday. That means I can register him at both schools without making a final decision until spring 2010. I'm both relieved and content with that. At the moment her school is in the lead as it's closest to our home, they teach Spanish and have a basket ball team. They hold their open night in September. To help us decide between the two schools I'm going to take a leaf from your book and attend the open nights of both schools in 2009 and 2010. Thank God I have that clear in my mind. Now I think it's time to pray for guidance re: the next two years of primary school.

Annie Blake said...

I'm delighted Sean is so happy about The Bush, I'm sure it is a great weight off your mind too. I hope the transition year works out well at whatever stage you manage it. I'd rather put my head in the sand and ignore the fact that secondary school is creeping up on us so thanks again for posting this blog. I found it very encouraging as it shows the transition should be very positive and an experience to look forward to.