Tuesday 13 January 2009

SALE, everything 20c each!

First of all I would like to say that Seán made a full recovery :-)

Today my friend Natasha phoned me to say that there is a sale on in Eason. It's a book shop. It's not cheap but sometimes they have the most amazing sales. I phoned Niall and asked him to pop over and see what he could get.

He came home with two big bags of goodies and here is what he got...

1 Hannah Montana notebook €5.99 - we paid 20c
3 Zip it bags (I think these were €30) €14.99 - we paid 20c each
1 Dora notebook and pen €2.99 - we paid 20c
3 Hot Wheels drinking bottles €4.99 - we paid 20c each
2 Hannah Montanna drinking bottles €5.99 - we paid 20c each
2 High School Musical bottles €5.99 - we paid 20c each
4 In night garden colours (I think these were €4) €1.99 - we paid 20c each
1 Rainbow magic gell pens €6.99 - we paid 20c
2 Totally Tracey work books €1.99 - we paid 20c each
2 Hyuandi twin set ear phones €11.99 - we paid 20c each
1 3d Stereo ear phones €9.99 - we paid 20c
1 Magnetic tape dispenser €2.99 - we paid 20c
1 Magnetic note pad €3.99 - we paid 20c
2 Plastic A4 folder including writing pad €1.99 - we paid 20c
2 Zip A4 folders €2.99 - we paid 20c
4 Office file folder €1.99 - we paid 20c
2 Office arch binder €2.99 - we paid 20c

When I added up the prices above it should have cost ..... €193.57!!!

Total amount of money we spent.... €7.oo!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

The carrier bags alone cost Niall 22c and yet every item on sale was only 20c!

Niall went back into the shop and got some more goods. I have put a bag of items away for gifts for people's birthdays over the next year, for gifts instead of Easter eggs at Easter and some have even been put away for gifts until next December!

I kept a zip bag for myself!!!

Sean asked Niall to spend €10 of Seán's money on these things (which he did) and so in a couple of months time, when the weather is fine, Seán will have another yard sale and sell his goods for 50c each and make the grand profit of 30c per item :-) Ah well, it's all a bit of fun!

He enjoys it and so do the children in the estate...

Here are a few photos of different yard sales he has had over the past couple of years. The sale he had in the first photo was shared with two of his friends.
On another occasion he also planted seeds and when they grew into flowers he had a plant sale. Also, you may remember last Autumn when he harvested his two apple trees and sold the apples for 5c each!!!


Heather L. said...

What a wonderful sale!!! I usually consider a sale truly terrific when I get the item for 90% off. But, it looks like you got it for much better than that!! Glad Sean is better and i hope he has another wonderful garage sale in the summer!

ruth said...

Beautiful plants! Did he grow those?

Annie Blake said...

Wow look at all that stuff! Ruth that's class, and you have Niall well trained :P

Well, here's what happened when we tipped into Easons... http://beingmzblake.blogspot.com/2009/01/early-bird-gets-worm.html