Thursday 22 January 2009


Do you remember I posted about a good sale that was on in Eason's a couple of weeks ago? Well, I went through the items that I bought, (mostly for 20c each) bagged them and now have them ready for distribution!!!

Some are for birthdays and for next December.

These are for Easter. The people that I am close to (and who have children) and I have come to an agreement over the years not to buy Easter eggs for each other, as the children get too many as it is. However, I know some people who give Sean eggs every year. I can't afford to buy them eggs back at €4 or €5 a pop, so what I do is look out for good quality gifts at a fraction of the cost, put them away and give them out at Easter:-)

I also bought five school bags for 99c each (I think they were about €8 each) and will give them to Sean's granny to give to her five grand children instead of eggs.

Last January (08) I bought pencil cases worth €10 for 99c, put them away and plan to give them to five of Sean's cousins this Easter:-)

I got these books for 'half nothing' in the sale too. I have put some away for gifts and I h ave kept some for home schooling. Most were €1.99 or 99c but I splashed out (!) and spent €4.99 on the large one about Irish Paintings. At full price, most of the books were over €20. However, I bought one book at full price at €7.99. It is a coin book. You collect the Euro coins from certain countries in Europe and put them into the book. It's really nice and I look forwards to helping Sean with this project. Worth every penny.

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Debbie in CA : ) said...

Aren't you clever? And thrifty too! I kave no need of thrifty gifts as we have never celebrated the holidays with gifts (not even Christmas) but rather invite others to share a meal and a party if they can find the time. Many leave with a deeper reverence for the celebrated event than they would have with a gift in hand.

I know how hard it is to shift midstream or deal with those accustomed to something tangible. I'm sure some think us weird, but they keep it to themselves I guess. Keep up the good work. : D