Saturday 17 January 2009


I was at a sister in the Lord's home last night. Her daughter was going on a deb's night. There were lost of their family & friends there and also, I am glad to say, her Christian family.

Here is Niall, the Pied Piper:-)


Heather L. said...

You'll have to inform me what a debs night is. :) It looks formal, whatever it is.

The weather here is very, very cold, although I think we are coming out of the worst as the temp is about 30 degrees warmer today than the past few. It's hovering at about 30F. Still below freezing.

Laura said...

She looks lovely - but I have to ask, what is a debs night? Crazy American here, and I'm trying to decide if it is like our prom night or a formal dance, or like a debutante ball (which we don't have in Texas that I know of, lol). Sounds like a big deal, so I'd love to be "in the know". :-)