Saturday 3 January 2009


Today while doing my ironing I listened to a DVD that I have had for a while now and have listened to a couple of times already. It is by John MaArthur, called 'Defending yourself in the war on sin' and it's about our conscience. (I get them free, in the post, about every 3 months) John talks about how important our conscience is and how dangerous it is for us when we ignore it.

Here are some snippets from it you might like...

This is a hymn by Charles Wesley about our conscience.

I want a principle within, of watchful godly fear.
A sensibility of sin, a pain to feel it near.
Help me, the first approach to feel
pride or wrong desire.
To catch the wandering of my will
and quench the kindling fire.

From Thee that I may know more,
may stray no more Thy goodness grieve.
Grant me the grace I pray
the tender conscience give.
Quick, as the apple of an eye
Oh God, my conscience make.
Awake my soul when sin is nigh
and keep it still wake.

Then John MaAurhur goes on to say....

What is Hell?
Hell is a fully informed conscience, and that's why there's weeping and wailing and grinding of teeth. You may cover your conscience over as an unregenerate person, but no one's conscience will be silenced forever.

Conscience will in the end turn with a vengence on the sinner, reminding him everlastingly in Hell what he alone is responsible for the eternal agonies he suffers, and he deseres them.

Conscience, I believe is the chief torment of the damned and cannot be mis-informed nor can it be silenced.

Next, John quotes John Flavel, a 17th Centuary Puritan...

Conscience, which should have been the soul's curb here on earth, becomes the whip that lashes the soul in Hell. Neither is their any facility of power belonging to the soul of men so fit and able to do it as his own conscience, that which was the seat and centre of all guile, how becomes the seat and centre of all torment.

McAuthor continues...

Sinners will have a fully informed and relentless conscience forever.
I think it's the conscience that really gets us to the cross, because the cross is where you go to be forgiven and delivered. As John Bunyan says, to "dump the load.' Well, it's the conscience that gets you there. Somehow, the Gospel comes and by the miraculous work of Severn Grace, God cleans off the darkened conscience, the light of the truth shines through and we see, and our conscience is activated, there is repentance, confession and pounding of the chest, 'God be merciful to me a sinner.'

Hebrews 22
'Being washed from an evil conscience.'

Hebrews 9-14
'Blood of Christ cleanses the conscience.'

Well, that's my thought for the day, Happy New Year friends!

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ruth said...

That's really good.

So often people talk about how bad guilt is, and how we should not feel guilty. Well, false guilt is bad; we should not feel guilty for wrong we did not do. But if we are guilty of doing wrong, then the feelings of guilt that we get from our consciences are a good and profitable warning to us. We can either listen, repent and (wonder of wonders!) receive forgiveness, or we can stuff our fingers in our ears, continue on in our sin, and someday live with regret forever in hell...