Friday 30 January 2009


Last week Niall had to do a job in a local B&B and as Sean was away for the day I decided to go and keep him company. Niall has been telling me about this house for a while now and had wanted to show it to me. It truly is lovely

The owner is a young man and he has transformed this home into what it is in only three years. He is planning to create a tea garden soon. I think Heather L will like this!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh isn't this a pretty place. Once a friend remarked that my home was as pretty as any B&B she'd stayed at -- I was flattered.

Lots going on around your house ~~ fun stuff!

No room for any TV here. : D

Heather L. said...

oh yes! oh yes!!! the pictures are lovely! What a beautiful place to visit!!!

I'm so excited about the film extras! Can't wait to hear how it goes -- I'm sure Sean will do a great job!

Annie Blake said...

That's just gorgeous Ruth, lovely photos.