Thursday 4 December 2008

This is for Laura, (you know what it is about!)


Laura said...

Oh my word! That IS a LOT of Legos, Ruth!!!

I had the kids pick out 15 toys each today, and their choices surprised me greatly. I'm going to take a before and after picture too, once I get everything packed up that is going into storage for the time being. I'm letting them keep entire sets of stuff - like Michael's Bakugan stuff or Emily's Little Pet Shop things - and counting each set as one toy. Because, really, what fun would one Bakugan be, or one Little Pet Shop figurine?

This way, though, we can get rid of all the little miscellaneous stuff that doesn't go with anything else, and make room for Christmas gifts. All goes along with my theme of getting useful stuff for gifts this year, toys they will actually play with - because if they only have 15 toys to begin with, and they picked those toys, then I know that they will play with at least those 15 things. :-)

Thanks for sharing the pic, and leaving a comment on my post... it is shameful when we realize how indulgent we have been with our kids. I am so very guilty of that myself, and I really am determined to change. Even if we have the means to buy them things (which we don't always), it doesn't mean we should. David & I don't go around buying everything we want, even at the holidays, so we shouldn't necessarily do the same for them.

I have to keep in mind that we are raising adults, not raising children. That makes a world of difference. :-)


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Well, since I snuck a peek at Laura's comment I now know those are lego. WOW! A powerful lot of building can happen at your house. Rachel LOVES lego, but has only a small boxful (which keeps her quite busy) -- I can't imagine what she could create with a whole "quarry" full of bits and pieces. Lucky boy!