Monday 15 December 2008

Photo diary.

For starters, have a look at these silly gifts that are on sale in Dunnes Stores this season...

"Bling" soap on a rope,
Inflatable ego,
and "Gotta go" a gadget you can use if you are on the phone and want to go. Just push one of the many buttons, it will make noises and you have your excuse to hang up i.e. Baby crying, door bell, siren, traffic noise, static, a woman saying "Honey I'm home" etc!

Here are my two friends that Niall and I went to visit when Seán was having a sleep over in his grannies, Mary & Gwen.

This is my friend Yana posing for me, wearing a scarf I knited for Seán's friend Rhys. He asked me to knit it so he would give it to his granny for a Christmas present. The wool only cost pence cents per ball and I used 3 balls!
Niall has been on the local radio show a lot this past week. He enjoys it and I know I might be bias, but I think he is good at it!

Last Wednesday night we all headed off to the Murphy's home for carol singing, tea, sandwiches and mince pies. It was a lovely night and brought back memories to me of this time last year when I went to their house for singing and fellowship, exhausted from sitting with my ill dad, and the next night he died. How good it is to be with the brethren.
Here is Niall and Seán checking out the Moon, Venus and Jupiter,

and here they are again skidding on the icy road outside the Church Centre! Big kids!

This year Seán has really been enjoying wrapping presents and has gone mad with the ribbon!
We have also started the Homework Club here in our estate and hope that it will be a benefit to school children who struggle with their school work. I have to admit that it is a lot easier than the Bible Club!
Well, here I am sewing up the squares for my blanket. You can telly by the silly grin on my face that I was delighted to get to this stage. I decided to give it to my mum as a gift. She liked :) It is very warm because I sewed it on to a beautiful blanket that I bought in Pennies for €5.

Here is Sean and Conor playing one of their favourite games; Sliding down the stairs in the sleeping bags!!!
Seán and I outside the Church Centre on a crisp, sunny and frosty morning.
On this particulatr evening Niall, Seán and I went to visit Dylan's mum's home. There is a tv show on every Friday evening and it is traditional for them to have a Toy Shw once a year just before Christmas. Half the country tune in for it. I haven't seen it in years so we settled down in front of the tv with lots of goodies and drinks and enjoyed ourselves very much.
Here is Seán at the toy shop with his money box buying an Iron Man toy... Did you know that he started his first 'proper' paying job last Saturday? He's working in Yana's hair salon for two hours helping her to sweep and clean etc and she gives him €5 for her, ahem... I mean his trouble!
I hope you are all surviving or even enjoying this time of the year. Remember, try to use every oppertunity to encourage the brethern, to love and be patient to your family, visit your neighbours and look out for the widow, single parents and fatherless...

God bless you indeed.


Kaber said...

The photos were great!!
My boys LOVED sliding down the stairs in Sleeping Bags (ot their snowpants) when we lived in a house with stairs. Must be a common boy thing. I used to slide down my grandma's stairs - no sleeping bag- just my clothes.

Wow, his first real paying job! That's neat!

The blanket turned out very nice!

ruth said...

I like Yana's hair. Also, that is a BEAUTIFUL blanket that you made. It looks so very cozy! I think I saw some of these pictures on your Facebook, but it is so much fun to read what you write about them. It sounds like you are having a nice Christmas season. May the joy continue.

Cheryl said...

Wow, you're so crafty. I'd love to knit, I've started to teach myself a few times but get sidetracked after a week...maybe I should make it a goal for 2009.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We ended up getting a tree, it's only 2 feet tall though with no bulbs. We decorated it with white lights, silver beads and gold bows. I LOVE the idea about the balloons!

Heather L. said...

Enjoyed catching up. You did a lovely job on that blanket! The caroling sounds fun -- so many over here don't like to do that anymore. I would like to do it. How fun that Niall is on the radio!
Have a good weekend!