Thursday 11 December 2008

Mini break on the cheap!

Sean is off to his grannies for a couple of nights and so although I still have to mind the two Russian boys in the afternoon, I will have two evenings with Niall,
to ourselves,
on our own,
with no responsibilities ... yippee!

I hope to visit our sister and friend Mary O and we would also like to get to visit Paul and Gwen:-)


Heather L. said...

Oh what a treat! have a special time to yourselves!

Kaber said...

WOOOOO-HOOOO!!! have a fun two evenings!!!

Ruth MacC said...

Oh, I will!
Last night after being in the radio studio with Niall (he forgot he had promised to help out on the desk) we went to Mary O's and she had rice, fries and chicken curry ready for us! The kids were in bed so we sat at the dining table with candles etc. We brought nice ice cream & cream and she had fresh fruit salad and I also had coffee and cream!!!!!

Looking forwards to this evening with Paul and Gwen!