Tuesday 23 December 2008

MacCarthaigh Day!

We not only survived MacCarthaigh Day but loved every moment of it. Normally we spend this family day away but last year and this year we stayed at home. Yesterday we had quite a lot of visitors and although it was a bit hectic it was good to see them!

The preparations started the day before with Niall and Sean blowing up over 400 balloons... poor guys!

And this is what 400 balloons look like in bags!

With Sean in bed Niall and I can start putting up the lights and down the presents.

Sean gets a lot of gifts from his relatives up North, so between them, and ones his friends give him, his Russian teacher and Kate who helps me, give him, and of course the ones we give him, (my gifts to Niall & his to me are in there too!) I wrap up little parcels of sweets and small odds and ends too, they all add up and look like this...

And with the balloons on top, it looks like this...

I shooed Niall up to have a bath and finished the decorating in secret with my 'piece de resistance!"
Anyone who knows Niall well knows that he loves coke and "doesn't' love Christmas so I thought he would like this display on our mantelpiece!
Anyway, the next morning Sean woke us up, I crept into the sitting room, turned on lights and set up camera and called them in. Needless to say Niall & Sean both loved the coke and lights! The first gift Sean opened was one from his friend Rhys. His mum bought and ordered miniature 'Star Trek' ships from Hong Kong and so Sean and Niall unwrapped each one (11) and assembled them. This took about 20 minutes so you can understand how it took two hours to go through all the gifts. We had a great morning.

Marie, who's son came home for the holidays from the US, popped over for a minute with something very special to me... A WHOLE BOX OF RUTH, I MEAN ROOT BEER!!!!!!!!

Sean's Russian teacher Lisa called over for a quick visit... The coke was a bit hit with Rhys who also called over for a wee while,

as did Annie and Dylan, and later on my sister Patricia :)

For tea we ordered a Chinese take away so Natasha went to pick it up and she and her son Sean joined us, oh, and for lunch we ordered in pizza! At that stage we had put all the balloons out into the hall and so when Sean went out to pay the delivery guy he toot a look at the hundreds of balloons and Sean is sure his eyes crossed a bit in shock... poor guy!
During all of this we had our AMDTH... As Sean calls it, our Annual MacCarthaigh Day Treasure Hunt where the prises are two DVD's.

So, our favourite gifts...

Sean... The trumpet we gave him and a remote controlled helicopter his granddad gave him.

Niall... well, it's a no brainer really, the Coca Cola in the glass bottles, everybody says the coke tastes different when you drink out of them:)

Me... It's a tie between a pair of boots Niall bought me in River Island and three "Cary Grant' movies!

For all you people out there who celebrate your own family day along with the Birth of Christ, The MacCarthaigh clan wish you all a peaceful, safe and joyous time.

May the Lord bless you all indeed, and don't forget...

God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.
It's all about Jesus.
You want a relationship with God, you can only have it through Jesus. You want to be forgiven your sins, the only way is through Jesus who can take the punishment for them.

It really is good news!


Heather L. said...

It sounds like it was a really spectacular day!!! I loved seeing all the pictures and hearing how you celebrate. The balloons are so fun! I can just imagine what my kids would think -- they would LOVE it! :) What great memories Sean will have.

Under the Florida Sun said...

This looks like so much fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and always leaving such sweet comments!

Happy New Year!