Thursday 18 December 2008


My dad died this week last year. Yesterday I went to his grave with some of my family and then spent some time with them.

I believe he is in Heaven, so I am not terribly sad that he is gone. However, I do find it a bit difficult dealing with my family and their thoughts on it all.

Ah, how quickly I forget to appreciate the huge miracle that God worked in my dad's life and move on to praying and concentrating on other family members...

Here is dad's story that I put into a blog for whoever wants to read it. Be warned in advance, it's an unusual conversion and to date some of my spiritual family have accepted it and some not:)
I would very much appreciate it if you would read it and give me your honest opinion on it. It seems to be the kind of conversion story that very few like to comment on, I understand this as if it had happened to somebody else and not me, I too would have my doubts.

I hope to put a couple of photos on the post later but until then I will leave you with his one of dad with my step mum, Adeline.

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Annie Blake said...

Oh what a small world I know your daddy to see. Didn't he have a driving school in town?