Wednesday 5 November 2008

Story telling


Last night we three cuddled up on the bed to tell each other stories. I started with, 'In a dark, dark, road, there was a dark, dark house, etc. You get the picture.

Niall told a story about somebody called Christopher running away from something.

Sean, however, told us this long story that actually included 'product placement'! He really did! He went on about a particular toy, how much it was and what shop it could be bought in, all in his story!!! (you know a certain holiday is only about 6 weeks away... and so does he)

Well, he hasn't a hope of getting it, however, we will give him 100% for trying!

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ruth said...

This is funny!

On FB, I am the one in the light blue sweatshirt by a tree, from NY.