Tuesday 11 November 2008


My mum is back in hospital this week. It turns out that she has something wrong with her heart. We think this has something to do with her MS. She was in ICU last night but they put her back to the regular ward today.

I can't go into all the many reasons and the 7 year history of my relationship with her since my slvation why I am not allowed to visit my mum in her own home. Anybody who is a true Christian will understand the whole concept of 'spiritual warfare.' This particular piece of scripture applies directly to me and my situation:

Matthew 10:34-36.

Jesus said...

'Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to 'set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law:' and 'a man's enemies will be those of his own household.'

Think about it. If, for the most part, the world hated Jesus (for being a perfect person, why else? It showed them up.) then, as God sanctifies us and makes us more and more like Jesus, then the world will hate us. When God forgave me and entered me, He began to change me a lot. My family didn't like that. I stoped drinking, smoking, cursing and sleeping around and some were offended by that. Although I never said it, they assumed that by my change of lifestyle, I was condemming theirs. I wasn't. But saying, 'I am not geting drunk any more' makes people who get drunk mad at you. They think you are looking down your nose at them and judging them. Well, of course, I am the last person in the world to judge and condemn after being guilty myself and rescued from it, but there you go, it doesn't stop people thinking these things.

So, back to my mum. To my knowledge I have not offended her, but because of other relationships in her life, and other people who have a strong infulence over her, my presence causes unhappiness and so I am not allowed to call over. Haven't been able these 3 years or so. So when she goes into hospital I get the oppertunity to visit her.

I have seen her every day this past 4 days and we have got on like a house on fire. I bring her in a cup of milky coffee with cream. She drinks it through a straw like it was pure nectar! Mum can't move much. She can only lift her head a bit and move her left arm a bit too. Thats it. But she is a trooper. You wouldn't bellieve how she has survived over 40 years of MS. She has been wheelchair bound... must be 20 years. She is so jolly and happy and easy going.

I am aware she could last a lot longer than we think or that the Lord could end her life tonight, but after dad dying just last November, I want to spend time with her. Yes, the Lord may use me to show her that she is not saved, but to tell you the truth, I hope and believe He will save her, with or without me, so I just want to spend some time with her and enjoy her company without any hastle or strife.

I hope that soon, she will see that I am just me, that I am not a threat to her and that what other people have said about me to her is not true.

So, if you would pray for this situation, just once, let it be that the Lord will forgive and save mum, that I will remain calm and godly in the company of my family members and that mum and I will continue to enjoy each others company.

Thank you.


ruth said...

I will pray for you. Treasure these moments with her and just love her so much. She knows you love her. She can probably even feel Jesus' love coming through you. What a gift to have her in the hospital where you can spend time with her.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh my kindred friend, I shall be right beside you in prayer. Enjoy spilling forth joy as you spend time with your ailing mum. I have no shared relationship with my (divorced) parents due to their strange interpretation of my faith and their life choices. I have laid down my pain at the feet of the Lord and continue to live in love from afar. Oh how I rejoice with you and pray the Lord's light of saving love shines forth without an utterance.

Michelle said...

I'm praying for you and your mum.

Blessings, Michelle