Friday 14 November 2008

Catch up.

Here is a photo diary of what we have been getting up to these days. You know about mum being in hospital. Well, here is part of an e mail I got today about her health...

Mam's consultant saw her this afternoon. She said that the heaviness that mam previously felt on her chest was definitely Angina. This was caused by heart disease. Mam has significant heart disease. There is a heart disorder. Mam is getting a tablet for this rythim disorder and it is helping a lot. The doctor describes the heart diesase as; the main arteries going through the heart, their internal diameter gets smaller and restricts flow of blood to other areas of heart. Whether mum is suitable or not for the usual treatment and the extent of the dieseas will be determined by a special CT scan hopefully early next week, (Monday?) and if mam wants to go through with any procedure... I don't think she will.

I visited her tonight. She was slepy and slow but by the time we left she was her usual self, but quieter. She knows about her condition and was probably in a bit of shock. Here she is with my sister Barbara.

Thank you again for your prayers.

We went and had an evening meal with Sigita and her mother. Sigita is from Lithuania and she comes to our services. (She typed out my testimony in her own language) Her dad is in hospital in her home country and so her mum came over to Ireland for a quick visit and a bit of a rest. Her mum did all the cooking and it was lovely! She boiled cabbage without cutting it up. As it cooked, she peeled off a leaf and wrapped it around minced bacon and rice. She covered it with a tomato sauce and it was really nice. We finished the night with Lithuanian coffee and chocolate, mmmmmmmmm....!A couple of weeks ago we took Seán to see Calamity Jane in the town hall. I told Seán that there was 'shooting and everything' in it. I had forgotten the story line and the poor chap sat there all night waiting for the 'boy' stuff! However, he got over the shock and we all enjoyed the night out. Seán still has his friend Rhys for regular sleep overs. Here they are enjoying pop corn and watching 'Close Encounters'. They LOVED it!A couple of weeks ago I bought Seán a glue gun, glue sticks and two bags of lolly pop sticks. We had loads of fun making a fort for him to play with his soldiers. He is at that age now where he and his friends enjoy playing with toy soldiers.We went to one of the Museums in Dublin City for the anniversary of the end of ww1. It has lots of information about the history of Irish soldiers throughout the years and is fascinating for all boys and men. Sean has been saving up his pocket money and so he bought 4 boxes of model soldiers that he has put away for MacCarthaigh Day. Right in the middle of Dublin, in O Connell St there is a giant needle which has attracted a lot of comments and a few jokes, and beside it, every Christmas they usually erect an enormous Christmas tree but this year they have put up something different!Seán is taking part in a National read-a-thon for the MS Society. He is reading books from the Bible (Job, Esther and some of the smaller letters) and also a series of Christian based novels. They are called Viking Quest by Lois Walfrid Johnson and he is just loving them. They are about a girl from Ireland who gets kidnapped by Vikings! I am still minding Yana's two boys Tuesday through Friday after school hours. Here is a photo of them and Dylan (home schooling lad I teach 1 day a week) playing, and LOVING the 'Pilgrims Progress' board game. Great success.We haven't had Kevin over to our house in ages, so on Sunday he joined us for a movie and a coke float. We love you Kev!

Today it would have been Sean's first dads 42nd birthday, so we made a wreath and took it up North to Camlough to his grave. We met Seán's granny Tess, and we had lunch in the hotel in Newry City. Later, we went to her home and met up with some of Seán's cousins. It was a day well marked and I am glad that we still get together to remember Seán Campbell.
Our brother in the Lord, Pete Matthews died this time last year so we had a special gospel service titled 'How we know Pete is in Heaven'. His family invited lots of Pete's friends and family members who are unsaved to it. Stephen spoke very, very well and afterwards we had soup and sandwiches. It was a good day for everyone I think, although my heart goes out to Pete's mother who is in her late eighties and has survived Pete...What can I say? I like this photo of the boys, on two different computers, interacting through 'Club Penguin!' This is not something we normally do in this home, but I suppose it is a sigh of the times.Niall took the boys out to Ravensdale forest for a bit of archery.We are still trying to visit my step-mum (who is going through chemotherapy) on a half regular basis. It's not ideal having the 3 boys but sometimes that is just the way that it has to be. They are good boys anyway so I don't think she minds. As you can tell by the photo, she likes pink!


Heather L. said...

Enjoyed all the "catch-up". The cabbage rolls sound really good! (sounds like a lot of work too). It seems you have been quite busy, but all seems to be very worthwhile. I enjoyed all the pictures.

Kaber said...

goodness, you have beeen busy. I am sorry to hear about your mum.
Your house guest dinner sounds yummy, esp the dessert.

Connor loves Archery.

Seán MacC said...

hi mom how are you thats alot of photos