Tuesday 4 November 2008

Anniversary photos.

Well, as you know, yesterday Niall and I were married 6 years. We always do something to mark the day. We include Seán in this as the three of us became a family on that day too.

The day started with Niall and Seán getting up and dressed before me. I found this a bit suspicious! I knew they were up to something but didn't mind as I guessed it was to do with surprising me! Anyway, Niall came up with breakfast for me and the laptop, and said that they were going out for a while and that I might like to go on Facebook. Ha!

Off they went and I put down my book that I had been reading (a brilliant book called 'The Other Comforter' Practical Studies on the Holy Spirit by Theodore H. Epp.) (Now that's a name to grow into... Theodore!) and logged into FB where Niall had left loads of love messages on it for me!

A while later they came home and Niall gave me a latte from Costa! Yum! I took it into the bathroom with me, as you can see, I was having a lazy start to the day! When I got out, Seán was like a cat on a hot tin roof, waiting for me, to give me a gift! He gave me a single red rose (his dad has taught him well, happy the woman that gets him!) and a make-up bag with toiletries in it. His dad told him to get the pink one but Seán being 'oh so very wise' got the beige on for me... good choice!

Next Niall gave me his present for me. I opened it and saw this...No, not the candle, the iPhone!

Now, I know that this is totally WRONG, and for any of you women out there, don't follow my lead... but I gave out to him! You see, the iPhone is about €165 over here in Ireland and right now, we can't afford to be giving each other presents worth that kind of money. However, Niall assured me that it was much less than €100 so I quietly submitted to him... (yelled 'Yippee!) I have to say that I don't enjoy expensive presents. I don't mind so much giving them, but don't like receiving them.
We were both due upgrades on our phones so Niall joined the two of them together, got the 'Platinum' deal and got the phone for me at a rock-bottom price.

So I have an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YeeeHaaaa!!

This is great because you can take a photo and send it straight to anybody via e mail, (I send some photos regularly to Jean in the US using Niall's iPhone). You can take a photo and post it straight onto FB, blog etc. It's great fun and I can really enjoy it now that I know how much he paid for it...!

So, we all went downstairs and I found a bunch of beautiful roses on the kitchen table for me, from Niall! It was getting to feel like it was my birthday and not a family celebration! We scooted into town and Niall bought me a gel cover for the phone. (Very much needed with an iPhone. Niall has dropped his 5 times since he got his in March. Thankfully it still works.)

When we got home my friend and neighbour, Becky, called over with a card and plant! She also gave Seán their pet hamster that her children had no heed in minding, so Seán gave it to Niall as a gift. (Which means he can play with it as much as he wants but Niall has to clean the cage and feed it etc... clever boy, he didn't come down in the last shower!) Now this new hamster and Seán's one get along really well. Then Niall went to work and I started preparing for the evening celebration. 4 times a year, on our birthdays and on our wedding anniversary we bring the dining room table in and eat in our sitting room. We make the table nice with candles, fancy glasses, and the ice bucket. (for Coke!) Then we hang up lights around the room, perhaps a few balloons, light a big fire and voilà! It's a lovely tradition, very cosy, and we look forwards to it. Eventually Niall came home and we settled down to a steak dinner. I had my gifts to them ready and on the table, which is customary.
I got a 'Marvel' mug for Seán and Niall got an action figure for him (Iron Man). I gave Niall a box set of the 'Pixar' movies which he wanted and was delighted with. After dinner we had cheesecake with cream, tided up, Niall made me coffee with cream, and we watched one of the Pixar movies (The Incredibles)

It was an amazing family/me (!) day and we ended it with prayer to God with thanks giving to Him for it.


Heather L. said...

I loved hearing about your special day! God is so good.

Ruth MacC said...


Debbie in CA : ) said...

How simply delightful! I LOVE reading celebrations almost as much as celebrating myself.

Congratulations! God be praised! Blessings to all (even those of us privileged enough to share with you vicariously).

ruth said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! And Sean surely is a bright boy! The Incredibles is one of our favorite movies. It's very quotable. Quotability is our family's measure of a good movie.

Alaina said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and offering your congrats!

What a delightful day of celebration! Happy Anniversary!