Thursday 2 October 2008

A Week of cooking!

Starting this Sunday, I will be a guest blogger on Happy to be at Home in the Kitchens of the Week series!

Well, I am a bit nervous about this as I fall into the category of CAN'T COOK WONT COOK!
(A British TV series!). I do cook but I am not very good at it. I don't bake and don't cook large amounts of food to freeze etc but I do hope to be encouraged along the way next week and hopefully Niall and Seán will see a slight improvement and variation in what I serve them!

Here is my introduction that will be on Joy's blog....

Hello, my name is Ruth and here is a little information about me...I have a husband, Niall, and one son, Seán, who is 10 years old and home schooled. I spent the first years of my life working and didn't cook a lot, however, when I had Seán things changed a bit. I have to admit that I am still not a great lover of cooking, but I know I have to, so I try to just get on with it (gasp!!)

I have a small kitchen, a fairly big larder fridge and a small chest freezer. I don't normally cook in bulk and freeze, but rather cook day by day. I go shopping weekly and spend little on sweets and biscuits (cookies) and plenty on fruit and veg.

My son likes most foods, but has his dislikes. He doesn't like mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and anything runny! My husband is a brick and will eat anything!

I have a small cooking area and a small dining area which is bright and leads out to my small garden in which I have tried to grow apples, potatoes (in a pot!) herbs, strawberries etc.I am looking forwards to sharing my simple cooking with you all and hope that doing this will encourage me to be more adventurous in my kitchen!


Jean Whitfield said...

Yea for you! It seems you're taking up where I left off! Since I'm working full time (for a paycheck!) other people in my hose are cooking more than I am!
Let me know if you want some recipes, and I'll get the cooks at my house to send them to you!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Jean! I hope to use your American recipe for corn bread next week.

Heather L. said...

Great introduction! It was fun to see pictures of your kitchen!

Kelly said...

I am not a big cook either!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are welcome anytime!! I love looking at your pics. I love learning about other parts of God's wonderful world!!