Saturday 11 October 2008

Last day!

This is my last day blogging about what my family eats this week for 'Happy to be @ Home'.

I have enjoyed doing it, and am glad that I did it. It helped me to tune in more on what I am feeding my family and what other people are feeding their families. I think too that it did me no harm being accountable to someone for a while in this area, even if it was for only a week!

Also, because I have been taking notes about what I have been cooking and eating and who I have been feeding, I realised what a blessing it is to be able to share what I have been able to prepare and cook.

This week when I made lasagne, I made an extra one for Mick, a brother in the Lord who has ME and because he is going through a rough time at the moment, can't really cook for himself. He lives with two other guys so to give them a break, I sent it over.I also took over a dinner to my step mother who is having chemo and is not feeling too good.

Yana had some dinner too when she called over to me for the ladies meeting after work. She was hungry and tired and had two helpings of the lasagne! (Boy, that lasagne went far!)

Sean's granny shared our lunch yesterday, and I prepared a container of fresh fruit for a very long term, unwell sister, Angela, who went into a nursing home for respite.The Bible says that we ought to look after the foreigner, fatherless and widows, but it was really my sister in the Lord 'Jean' (from the US) who, unknown to herself at the time, taught me the reality of this and had been a huge influence on my Christian life. She used to cook a dinner and leave it hanging on somebody's door if that person was flying in during the night cold and tired. She would often times prepare Sunday lunch and invite the Church over. Sometimes she would visit us and bring over, what we over here in Ireland would consider "exotic" foods, like banana bread and corn bread! So, thanks Jean, and like you commented on my 'day one' post...

Yea for you! It seems you're taking up where I left off!

I really hope to take more heed of what I am buying, cook more in bulk & freeze/give away, and pay attention sometimes to how I present it! Heather L has been a source of inspiration to me here on her blog "Blackberry Rambles" She is just brilliant at dressing a table, indoors and out!

And before I tell you about what the MacCarthaighs have eaten today, I want to say that today as I stood at my kitchen sink peeling potatoes, my mind went back to the past, to my mum standing at her sink peeling what seemed to be a half bag of potatoes most days to feed her family of 12... I remember her cooking rice and pasta when NOBODY else had a foggy notion what they were. I remember her cooking chicken maryland... for 12 people, how did she do it? She cooked monster pies, dozens of pancakes etc... May the Lord bless her and save her.This morning we are minus Sean. He had a sleep over in his grannies last night and won't be home until this evening, so I had crackers, yogurt and hot drink and Niall had cereal and juice.

For lunch I made veg soup. I have just recently began to make my own soup. My friend Mary told me how simple it is, so I cook potatoes, pop in a bag of pre-cut mixed veg (Am I lazy? maybe, but it is easier and cheaper) add in seasoning, sunflower seeds etc and cook, until cooked!!
Our pastors wife is away for a few days so we plan to bring some of this soup to the Church service tomorrow and Stephen can help himself to it whenever he wants it.

I picked up these stuffed potato half's with chive dip on sale in Tescos, so I baked them, grilled these lovely fat sausages and we had them along with fresh vegetables. I don't normally serve two processed foods together, but that's just the way it worked out on the day.

What do I like about my kitchen?Well, I bought this scroll the last time I was in Mississippi. I like the colours in it and it also has part of the scripture 1 Kings 8:36

'You may teach them the good way in which they should walk.'

Many thanks to "Happy to be @ Home" for inviting me as a guest blogger to their site. It has been a great help , and encouraged/pushed me a little bit!

My husband and I are Christians/Saved/Born Again... Whatever name you put on it, it means that we have trusted our lives and future lives to God via Jesus. We have confessed and repented of our sins, been forgiven and now live our lives to serve Him.

If you would like to know how God has changed our lives, you will find my life story here and Niall's here.

May the Lord bless you all indeed,

Ruth MacCarthaigh.

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Heather L. said...

This has been a great week of posts! I've enjoyed them so much!

What a wonderful way to bless people -- by preparing food for them. I know we have been the recipient of countless meals brought in by friends in the years that I was so ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. What a difference those meals made! Sometimes I feel that making a meal for someone takes so much work (since I have to cook for mine too) but I need to remember what a blessing it is to be on the receiving end and how God uses all that time in the kitchen for His purposes. Have a lovely Lord's Day!