Monday 13 October 2008


Well, things have started to hot up here in Dundalk with regards to Halloween. People have started to decorate their homes with the usual cheap goolish fare and the fireworks are popping. Do I sound too harsh?
Before I was savded 7 years ago I was in the middle of al this, thinking it was good fun. I never gave it a secont thought, just like Christmas... Think about it, an aethiest celebrathing the birth of Christ??!!!
What was I thinking.. Well, that's the point, I wasn't thinking...

Last week we noticed what we thought was fog in the sports field next to our estate. We went to investigate and found that it wasn't fog, but the smoke from fireworks...

Check out the photo...

We, as a family don't like hanging around our home on Halloween night. Kids come and knock the doors for the usual trick or treat and when Sean was younger I didn't like him to see all the kids in their fancy dress. He was just too young to understand wht was going on. I was happy to go away for the evening to protecct him from this.

This year we have decided to have a birthday party in the Church centre... Who's birthday? Niall's, he will be 21 years saved on Halloween night! We are going to have a cake, balloons, party games etc and share the party with whatever Christians turn up. Everybody who is saved will be encouraged to give a small testimony of how God saved them. I am quite looking forwards to it and think it is much better than staying home, turning out lights, closing curtains and trying hard not to listen to the door bell while we watch a movie!!!

What are you guys planning?


Kaber said...

sounds like a fun night!
Fireworks for Halloween?
I don't decorate for anything. not Halloween, Independance day, not even for Easter or Christmas. well I put up a tree and the stockings. for the kids.

Happy birthday Niall

Heather L. said...

What a great idea for Halloween! I'm not sure what we'll do yet. I'd rather not be home, but we may just have to go upstairs and "hide out". If you think decorations are bad over there, you should come here! People go crazy!