Friday 10 October 2008

Day 6

Almost there!

I am continuing to blog about what my family eats this week for 'Happy to be @ Home'.

This morning the guys had cereal, juice and toast. I had my crackers, yogurt and hot drink.

For lunch I cooked rice, striped the chicken that was left over, put the meat into the wok, added a chicken stock cube, frozen veg, sun flower seeds (I put them in everything) and some fresh herbs from my garden.
I ate it.
Sean ate it.
Niall ate it
Sean's granny ate it.
My step mum will eat it.

It must be ok!

When I was shopping up North yesterday (Northern Ireland is just a few miles across the border) I bought these large muffins so I put ham and cheese in them, made sandwiches and served it with a glass of milk.Last night we lit the fire and relaxed with our most favourite drink... Coke Floats! Well, Sean and I live it, Niall likes it served separately... Philistine!

What do I like about my kitchen?Over the years we did a lot of work and out reach with the children in the area. Sometimes they came and gave me little affectionate notes and pictures, so I framed a couple of them and have them hanging on my wall. I just love having them, and their memories, especially when the children are growing up around me, and I know they will eventually become adults and leave the area...

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ruth said...

What a nice post! It looks delicious.