Thursday 9 October 2008

Day 5

Failte! This morning Niall gave us breakfast in bed again! I know, I know, you think it is just so I will blog about it, but I know him well and he really is like this!

Well, this morning we had porridge and drinks. It was lovely and warm and good food to start a wet Thursday morning.

Here is a photo of our chicken dinner... I must confess that I didn't cook it myself but bought it pre cooked... I love the salad and the bread is Polish! Sean is not fond of salad so I gave him tortilla chips and raw carrot.

Toasted cheese sandwiches are always a favourite with Sean and me and easy to make for tea.

Something I like about my kitchen? I bought these small pretty pegs in a shop a couple of years ago for about 25 cents. They brighten up the curtains very nicely I thought, and add a bit of humour to my kitchen!


Kaber said...

I do like those colorful little pegs on the curtain! and the chicke dinner looks yummy (no matter who cooked it)

Ki likes grilled cheese sandwhiches made with shredded mozerella cheese on the electric skillet

Heather L. said...

I do love chicken dinners! yours looks good! So does the bread.