Tuesday 7 October 2008

Day 3

Hello again!

I am continuing to blog about what my family eats this week for 'Happy to be @ Home'.

Well, this morning we all had porridge and juice for breakfast.

For lunch we ate out in the 'Roma". I suppose it would be a bit like a diner. It's a treat for us and a break from cooking for me! After some home schooling in the Library, Sean and I had a cheese omlet and chips, (fries, the nice big ones)and Niall had chips, rice and chicken curry. I have the rice and curry sometimes and love it! I don't normally have soft drinks but today Niall & I had coke and Sean had a milk shake.

To help out a friend, I have agreed to mind her two boys after school Tusday to Friday for a month, and so when they arrived here I gave them a snack. It was fun trying to find out what each boy liked and disliked but I got there in the end. As you can see, Denis (spider boy!) had bread without butter, apple, tortilla chips and milk!This evening we will have Lasagne from yesterday and tonight we will probably have a light supper, cereal, my usual hot drink and a hot chocolate for Sean...

Last nights womens meeting went well and here is a photo of an apple tart made by Annie: it didn't last long! We had crackers and cheese,popcorn and nuts, Yana took along a chocolate cake and I had made up come melon and black grapes on cocktail sticks.... and left them in the fridge!

(I ate them in bed later!)Something I like about my kitchen? I have a basket on my table with three devitional books in it. 'Morning & Evening daily reading' by C H Sprugeon.
'My Utmost for His Highest' by Oswald Chambers.
'Little Book of Devotions - Honesty'.

I find that after any meal is a good time to read through them.
See you agaiin tomorrow!


Heather L. said...

Once again enjoyed your food post. The apple tart looks so good!! Wouldn't have minded a bit of chicken curry myself! And I like your basket of devotionals -- great idea, and great books (I'm familiar with 2 of them).

Annie Blake said...

Ummm Roma milkshake yummy *licks lips*

Here's a link to the blog I made public, just a few wee blogs from my mobile phone... www.frivoloustitbits.blogspot.com